Starfield – All Ammo & Grenades Console Batch Command

Console Batch Command

Warning!!! Using console commands will disable achievements (unless you install a mod to re-enable them) and may ruin your save file. Always make a backup.

Here’s an easy way to get 1000 of all ammo and grenade types using a single console command. You may want to lower the amounts due to carry weight.

Create a file in Notepad (or other .txt app) & name it ammo.txt (or whatever you want to call it).

Copy & paste this list into the document (it will work with the //notes I have tested it):

Player.additem 002B559C 1000 //.27 Caliber
Player.additem 002B559A 1000 //.43 MI Array
Player.additem 02B5599 1000 //.43 Ultramag
Player.additem 002B5598 1000 //.45 Caliber ACP
Player.additem 002B5597 1000 //.50 Caliber Caseless
Player.additem 002B5596 1000 //.50 MI Array
Player.additem 002BAE3F 1000 //1.5KV LZR Cartridges
Player.additem 002B5595 1000 //11MM Caseless
Player.additem 002B5594 1000 //12.5MM ST Rivet
Player.additem 000547A1 1000 //12G Shotgun Shell
Player.additem 002B4AFC 1000 //15X25 CLL Shotgun Shell
Player.additem 0000E8EC 1000 //3KV LZR Cartridge
Player.additem 002B5592 1000 //40MM XPL
Player.additem 002B5590 1000 //6.5MM CT
Player.additem 002B558F 1000 //6.5MM MI Array
Player.additem 002B558E 1000 //7.5MM Whitehot
Player.additem 002B558D 1000 //7.62x39MM
Player.additem 0004AD3E 1000 //7.77MM Caseless
Player.additem 002B559B 1000 //9x39MM
Player.additem 002B4AFB 1000 //Caseless Shotgun Shell
Player.additem 002B558B 1000 //Heavy Particle Fuse
Player.additem 002B558A 1000 //Light Particle Fuse

Player.additem 00389F34 1000 //CryoMine
Player.additem 000115EF 1000 //FragGrenade
Player.additem 0004A41A 1000 //FragMine
Player.additem 0026D89F 1000 //ImpactGrenade
Player.additem 0026F180 1000 //IncendiaryGrenade
Player.additem 00389F33 1000 //InfernoMine
Player.additem 0026D89E 1000 //ParticleGrenade
Player.additem 0026D89D 1000 //ShrapnelGrenade
Player.additem 0x003C23E3 1000 //SleepGasMine
Player.additem 00389F37 1000 //TeslaMine
Player.additem 003C23E4 1000 //ToxicGasMine

Save the file to your Documents folder (or wherever you’d like it to be).

Find your file in folder, Copy it, then Paste it into the Starfield directory folder (Content folder).

Open the console in Starfield and enter: bat ammo (or bat “whatever you named your file”).


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