Starfield – Skill Magazine Locations Guide (How to Find Them)

See that skill magazine? You can climb it.


Magazines will generally be out in the open, but often placed in such a way that they might be overlooked. Maybe on a cabinet just to the right of you in the hallway you’re in, but ooh there’s an enemy or a shiny thing at the end of that hallway that’s monopolizing your attention. Ask yourself where you might leave one for later reading. If you’re picking a magazine up for the first time in a particular playthough they’ll display a tooltip**, the second, third or fifth Mining Monthly #1 in that playthrough? Not so much.

Often you’ll find magazines on coffee tables or bedside tables, sometimes in open lockers (but never closed ones so far) or on top of shelves or cabinets. A magazine might be inside a locked room sometimes, but generally speaking they won’t require investment into any particular skill since any one place might be the first place you ever go to.

Entries are sorted A-Z. Though if questline related (under special locations) they’ll be sorted in order of appearance. Make sure to read the full names; A Deserted Robotics Lab is a different beast from an Abandoned Robotics Facility and the directions for one won’t be accurate for the other.

*The Cyber Runner bonus at Apex Electronics changing from robot damage to autohacks for one.

**Bonuses that only apply once or are at their maximum level will have a textless tooltip in the next NG+ iteration or once reached.

Enemy Encampments

Abandoned Cryo Lab
Grunt Issue #7

It’s inside the building but before entering the complex itself. Just go into the office on the left after entering the building. It’s on the far end of the office table.

Abandoned Deimos Scrapyard 
Nova Galactic Manual #9

First, make note of the ship’s orientation, the magazine is inside the raised module in front of the ship. From the elevator, there’s a lounge with a diagonal entrance immediately to your left. (or if using catwalk, slightly to the right). The magazine is on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

Abandoned Griplite Manufacturing Plant
Nova Galactic Manual #5

Go to the second floor of the Large building and enter the biohazard lab on the right side after climbing the stairs (left of the stairs if you go through the hole in the back wall). The manual is on the cabinet standing against the midpoint of the outer wall, below the two posters.

Abandoned Hangar
Va’Ruun Scripture #8

From the landing pad, enter the building on the left, go down one floor and it’ll be on the table inside the windowed office room.

Abandoned Industrial Compound

Inside the crew quarters (large hexagon overlooking the lower, fenced yard), It’s in the first set of open lockers near the beds immediately to the left.

Abandoned Maintenance Bay

Central set of rooms on their second floor. There’s a small table between rows of waiting room chairs. Stairs can be found near the leftmost entrance.

Abandoned Mech Graveyard
Combatech Catalog #5

From the highest peak you should be able to see the arch as well as a tarped sniping nest. The magazine is inside it, lying on the table with the ammo and weapon cases.

Abandoned Mine (Walled in/Switch operated airlock)
Mining Monthly Issue #5 / Mining Monthly Issue #8

That’s right, two whole magazines! For the first, go left until you reach the next room and there’ll be two bar tables and some barstools flush with its right wall. The mining mag is on the table closest to the entrance.

Now go back to the entrance of the complex and jump down into the very first pit instead, then take a right and enter the building at the end of the corridor, requiring an [advanced] hacking challenge. Once you enter it the magazine will be at the toolbench to your right.

Abandoned Mine (Vertical)
Mining Monthly Issue #1

This is the mine in the hill with the watchtower on the exterior, and which ends on the large vertical room with the broken catwalks in the interior. Starting at the bottom of the main pathway into the mine there’s a hab module and a watchtower to the left. Enter the module

Abandoned Outpost/Mineral Refinery
Solomon’s Adventures #5

Once you go inside through the [Master] door there’ll be a room that’s been converted into a living space. There’s a table with 3 chairs and a magazine roughly in the middle of it.

Abandoned Mining Platform
Solomon’s Adventures #3

It’s found on the table in the lower half ot the control room, the second to last room of the base. There’s a huge central window and everything and a hallway leading to the treasure room on your left.

Abandoned Research Tower
Constellation Guide #2

Similarly to the mining platform it’s practically in the last room (though it’s probably one of the first you’ll spot after coming through the elevator, right above a THIRD set of large steel doors) You’ll find the magazine beside the computer with the door controls once you walk up the stairs from the crew quarters. The two exits at the other end of the room leads to a catwalk into the storage and the rooftop.

Abandoned Robotics Facility
UC Defense Manual #5

Enter through the front door and take an immediate left into the little office with the server racks. The magazine is in the back end of the room, in the middle of the cabinets behind the supervisor’s table.

Abandoned Shipping Depot
Nova galactic Manual #8

From the landing pad, enter through the door on the bottom left and move through the hallway to enter a workshop. There’ll be some metal stairs to your right as you come through the door. Climb them and enter the office. You’ll find the magazine on the L-shaped office desk, in front of the chair.

Abandoned Weapon Station
UC Defense Manual #4

From the landing pad. Enter the large building to the right from the front door and climb the stairs. There will be a door to a windowed office to your left. You should be able to see the magazine on the table through the window.

Abandoned Research Outpost
Freestar Captain’s Log #4

Start between the two sets of solar panels and go towards the left set that has the white module. Then turn right to enter the first floor of the main outpost. You’ll enter a kitchen/dining room with a dining table with the log right in front of the door. Both are quite similar in hue.

Autonomous Dogstar Factory
Mining Monthly Issue #4

Inside the large building near the base of the mesa elevator. On the third floor on the right side of the factory and inside the boss’ office. It’s lying to the right of the computer on the central desk.

Deserted Ecliptic Garrison
Grunt Issue #6

Between the two landing pads (Yours and the one being unloaded) there’s a house. The magazine is on the second floor of it, on the table to the left of the crafting station.

Deserted Mineral Plant
Freestar Captain’s Log #2

Crew quarters. First bedroom past the ping pong table. The magazine is in the opened locker to the right.

Deserted Robotics Lab
Mining Monthly Issue #10

After entering the facility take the hallway to the right towards the cafeteria and then continue right towards the break room once there. Go through the diagonal door, sit down on the white or orange armchair, and then grab the latest ish from the coffee table.

Deserted UC Garrison
Grunt Issue #5

There’s a single two-story building here, and the magazine is on the table on the left once you climb the stairs.

Note: This base seems to be winter+habitable biome specific

Deserted UC listening Post
Peak Performance #2

After killing the first pirate you meet go through the diagonal door and then into the mess hall. As you turn left and approach the stairs to the lower level you’ll find the magazine behind the second green door to your left. On the L-shaped table.

Forgotten Military Base
Grunt issue #10

From the landing pad go to the third floor/terrace of the green/orange building diagonally to the right. The magazine is at the center of the table directly in front of the stairs leading up to it.


Akila City – Akila

Coe Estate
Solomon’s Adventures #1

To the left, inside Jacob’s bedroom. Innermost bedside table.

Freestar Captain’s log #3 – +5% damage to robots

On the table in the second room.

Note: If you have trouble finding the building, it’s on the top of the stairs and to the left of the rock, Akila City’s central tower. (I’d suggest nabbing the sinclair magazine next for ease of navication)

The Rock
Gunslinger’s guide #1 – +5% reload speed on laredo weapons

On the table at the end of the stairs on the very top floor, if you’ve gone inside Blake’s office you’ve gone too far.

Sinclair’s Books
Gunslinger’s guide #2 – +5% reload speed on laredo weapons

From the consulate, walk down the stairs perpendicular to the tower and you’ll find the shop. Once inside the book is on the second table to your right. Within the little section with the research station.

The Stretch
Va’ruun Scripture #3 – +1 sneak bonus, +5% melee sneak attack damage

It’s in the back of the ruined va’ruun house opposite of the Jansens.

Cydonia – Mars

Residential Area – Deimos Miner Quarters
Mining Monthly Issue #7 – +2% tool grip damage

On the table immediately to the right after entering the labeled door.

Note: The area entrance halfway down the mining pit practically puts you right in front of it.

Residential area – UC Marine barracks
UC Defense Manual #3

This is in the same general area as Deimos Miners, but do a 180 and head into the barracks behind you instead. You’ll find the manual in stark contrast to the break room table once inside.

The Den – Chthonia

UC Defense Manual #2

There’s a UC office on the right side of the area overlooking the bar, the office connects to a bedroom with a set of shelves set diagonally between the two beds. The manual lies on the second lowest one.

The Eleos Retreat – Ixyll II

New atlantean #4 – Beer Brat Platter

Entering the building there’s a set of stairs leading to the second floor, go to the hallway to the right of them and enter the first room to the left. The Beer Brat recipe lies on the right bedside table.

Gagarin Landing – Gagarin

Foundry “entrance”
Kryx journal entry #5 – -2% requirements on basic/advanced social skills

From the landing pad, walk past the statue and take a right, up the small set of stairs and keep going straight forward until you reach the end of the walk. The journal on the table right in front of the entrance.

Hopetown – Polvo

Best Defense
Combatech Catalog #3 – Increased accuracy and range on Combatech weapons

When walking towards the Hopetech factory from the landing pad, the gun shop is the second entrance to the right. The magazine is on the right side of the shop, on the shorter set of shelves closest to the weapon bench.

Ranger Station
Gunslinger’s Guide #3

The Ranger station is one of the first things you’ll see, and the guide is on the waiting bench immediately to the right after entering.

Neon – Volii Alpha

Neon Core – Astral Lounge – VIP section
Neon Nights #2 – S.T.E.V.E. recipe

After you get off the elevator, it’s on the coffee table the first booth to the right. The chem slows down time and increases damage.

Neon Core – Celtcorp
Neon Nights #3 – O2 shot recipe

From the elevator just go straight through the welcome booth and to the nature painting. The magazine rests on the armrest of the couch below it. It’s breathing, but better.

Neon Core – Freestar Rangers Office
Gunslinger’s Guide #4 – +5% Laredo draw/reload speed

Second floor, on the right bedside table.

Neon Core – Volii Hotel
Cyber Runner’s Cipher #4 – +1 Bankable auto hack

Get a room for the night, yours will be on the second floor and you’ll see it on a coffee table as soon as you enter your room.

New Atlantis

The Lodge
Constellation Guide #1

On the bannister(?) In front of the artifact display.

MAST HQ – Cabinet Chambers 
Nova Galactic Manual #3

The Magazine can be found on the coffee table in Deputy Elizabeth’s office.

Pioneer Tower – Dawn’s roost
New Atlantian #3 – Astral Sliders

Move through dawn’s roost towards the opening in the back. There’ll be three restaurant tables in front of it, two to the left. You’ll want to go to the one in the back.

The Well – Apex Electronics
Cyber Runner’s Cipher #2 – +5% Crit laser damage

Table immediately to your right once you enter.

The Well – Kay’s house, second floor
New Atlantian #5 – Shepherd’s pie

Immediately to your right once you enter her apartment

Red Mile – Porrima III

Red Mile
Tracker’s Primer #3 – ++5% particle weapon damage

The second room on the second floor. On the coffee table between the two armchairs in view of the entrance.

Red Mile – Crater
Grunt #1 – +5% Crit ballistic damage

There’s a spacer corpse just to the right of the pedestal. Help yourself to the magazine inside his inventory.

Waggoner Farm – Montara Luna

Main house
Solomon’s Adventures #2 – +5% unarmed damage

Inside the main house, on the second floor and in the first room to the left of the stairs. It’s lying on the bedside table beside the bunk beds.

Waggoner Farm – Canyon
Grunt Issue #3 – +5% ballistic crit damage

This one’s a bit weird, you’re looking for basically a tarp camp under a big tree. So I’ll describe the two main ways to get there. Both involve taking a walk down the trail between the main house and the farmhands’ house.

Flying: Go down the trail to about this point, go straight and boost across the canyon, then keep going straight. Eventually there’ll be another drop into the canyon, which should have the aforementioned tree and camp. The magazine is on the tool cart at the base of the tree. This trek should take maybe a minute or so.

On Foot: If your soul is woefully weighed down by gravity you’ll have to trek through the canyon. Anyway, once you reach the bottom there’s a T-junction and with great probability some swarming sunflowers. Take care of them, take right until you go through a short tunnel with a drop as well as some more sunflowers waiting for you. Go left, past the cliff with the yellow tape and small boxes.Follow the trail through the short tunnel and once the canyon opens up you’ll find yourself near two trees and an octomaggot encounter. However, the correct route is just straight ahead, leaving you at another short drop and a tunnel. The tree will be the first damn thing you’ll see after you go through and the magazine will be lying on the tool cart at the base of it.

Special Locations

These are unique, usually non-settlement locations. Likely to be starstations or possibly story/questline content adjacent, but not required.


Almagest – Olympus
Nova Galactic manual #10

In the central section of the upper third of the station. Inside the safe/treasure room. The manual is suspended and unmoving near the computer screen.

Autonomous Staryard – Volii Psi
Nova Galactic Manual #6 – -1% fuel required for grav jumps

Climb the two sets of stairs after defeating the mining turret to arrive in a room with a cot on your right. The magazine is on the cupboard between the couch and the coffee machine. There’s a red secure access door that leads you back to the ship workshop at the other end of the room.

The Clinic – Narion
Constellation Guide #4

In the ship services/waiting room and to the left. on the center coffee table.

The Colander – Shrodinger system
Vanguard space tactics #3

Through the red door at the far end of the main area, near the left corner. The magazine is on the table on your right, near the interactable computer. Alternately, the room can be accessed by the stairs to the left in the boss room.

Deimos Armored Transport
Vanguard space tactics #4

There’s a small office through the door straight ahead on the second floor of the first room. The magazine will stay glued to the office desk despite the grav blackouts. Don’t think about it too hard.

Ka’zaal Sulfur Mine – Nirah system
Va’ruun Scripture #7

On the top floor of the large, hexagonal hab module. Assuming you’re entering through the door facing the landing site, just head straight forward, into the bedroom and then to the right after you enter. The texts are on the second lowest shelf. Similar colors, so it may be hard to see.

Neuradyne Botany Laboratory – Beta Marae I
Cyber Runner’s Cipher #3

The magazine is on the roof, inside the L-shaped greenhouse on the left side of the complex (or to your right if you’re making it harder on yourself and fully explore the interior). It’s on the computer tables beside the loot crates. Similar colors, so it might be hard to see.

Safe House Gamma – Andromas II
Solomon’s adventures #4

Second (working) door on the right side of the hallway, inside the bedroom. The comic lies on top the bedside shelves by the right wall.

Reliant Medical Organics Lab – Beta Ternion I
Peak Performance #3

Inside the greenhouse in the big central room. You’ll have to turn on the power to access it. It’s on the right side of the round table behind the science crate/D12 (so effectively the final room). Might be hard to see because of the similar colors and the harsh lights.

Starstation RE-939 – Alpha Centauri
New Atlantian #2

It’s in the treasure room on the third floor, on the office desk. However, I’ve also gotten lost each and every time I’ve been here, thus:

After entering the main part of the station through either door, head straight forward through the large blue room into the slightly smaller green office-y room. The right of the two doors, the one with the “LIVING” sign takes you to the third floor. Go through the left door in the breakroom and then open the diagonal door to your right.

Starstation UCN-48 – Muphrid System 
Va’ruun Scripture #2

Once you arrive at the central room you’ll see some broken railing on the second floor. Hop to it and go through the diagonal door on the right, into a hallway of bunk rooms. The texts will be on the floor of the very last one, on top of some artwork provided for contrast.

Vulture’s roost – Jaffa IV
Kryx’s Journal Entry #2

On the second floor of the drunk cell/jail module there’ll be a living room set to your left before heading out to the bar. The journal is on the coffee table.


These are locations related to storylines and listed in order of appearance, but they’re not necessarily locked to them. The storyline in question might just be a reliable way to spawn a certain type of regular enemy base (as with Andreja) or maybe it just places you within arms reach of one (as with Sam). In short these are magazines you should consider picking up while playing through a particular storyline.


The Eye 
Peak Performance #1

Right door after you get out of the hallway, then right again. The magazine’s on top of an improvised couch/table/shelf thing with a red blanket.

Vlad’s Villa (activity)
Kryx’s Journal Entry #3

Talk to Vlad and pry a bit to get the coordinates to his villa. The journal is inside the locked basement just below the weapon rack to the left.

Abandoned Mine – Sumati (Vertical)
Mining Monthly #1

See corresponding entry in the Enemy Encampments section


Argos Extractors (Encore)
Tracker’s Primer #5

You’ll enter the second outpost to fix the comms as part of the main quest. Instead of heading through the second orange switch door head left to the room with the bunk beds. The Primer’s between the middle set of bunk beds

Ransacked Research Outpost – Bessel III
Kryx’s Journal Entry #1

In the room right before the one you find Barrett in. On the wheeled pallet with the chonky weapons crate.


Akila City – Coe Estate
Solomon’s Adventures #1

(Same as in settlements) To the left, inside Jacob’s bedroom. Innermost bedside table.

Crimson Fleet

UC vigilance – OPS
Combatech catalog #2

There’s an office to your left after you enter the main room. The magazine lies below the TV screen.

The Key – Gym
Peak Performance #5

The gym is in the Reckoner’s Core area, and the magazine is on the far end of the table with the dumbbells.

The Key – The Last Nova
Grunt issue #4

To the right of the bar there’s a ping pong table and a regular one. The magazine is on the latter.

The Lock – Shower Room
Kryx’s Journal entry #4

The showers are connected with the cafeteria should you find it before the quest sends you there. You’ll find the journal in the second to last locker of the set facing the room’s entrance.

Freestar Rangers

The questline sends you to Waggoner Farm, Neon,  The Clinic and Red Mile which you might’ve already visited. But other than the final mission the story exclusive locations don’t seem to have any magazines.

Freestar Mech Factory – Arcturus II
Freestar Captain’s log #5

In the boss room’s central pillar. Lying the overseer’s office that faces you once you walk in and turn right. On the computer table.


MAST HQ – Pilot Vanguard Simulator
Vanguard Space tactics #1

(Described in Settlements) Only requires you to have signed up for the Vanguard, either way it’s in the changing rooms to your left.

Tau Ceti II – Tau Gourmet Production Center 
New Atlantian #1 – Deep Food

In the very first building you’ll see from the landing zone. Enter through the main door and then head through the diagonal one. There’ll be a workbench (non-crafting) with some ammo cases about 45 degrees to your right or simply put: against the north wall.

(The questline is not required for this waypoint)

Abandoned Mines – (Cydonia)
Va’ruun Scripture #10

In the second battle section (the one with the hab modules on each side). From the entrance of the section, go to the second floor module on the right. The scripture will be on the messy table, on the left edge closest to you (provided that you entered through the center/middle door).

Red Devils HQ
Vanguard Space Tactics #2

In the operation hall, which is to the far left side of the base when first entering, opposite of the elevator. The magazine is on the left of the two tables near the far wall with the TVs.

Freestar Embassy – New Atlantis
Gunslinger’s Guide #5

On the top floor, in the trespassable room with the lounge and the beds. It’s lying on the coffee table close to the entrance.

(Restricted to Friends like these mission)

Va’ruun Embassy – New Atlantis
Va’ruun Scripture #6

It’s in the multipurpose room right after the first blue spore room/encounter. The magazine will be to your left once you enter, on top of the table near the couches and training equipment.

Companion Quests


Sarah’s Crash site – Cassiopeia
Nova Galactic Manual #1

Interior, At the far end of the room, on top of the computer tower looking thing in front of the pile of trash.

Dauntless Crew’s Crash site – Cassiopeia
Constellation Guide #3

Interior, It’ll be on the table right in front of you as you enter.


Eren’s Camp – Hyla II
Va’ruun Scripture #4

On the third floor of the main house. On the two tables put together into an L-shaped one. In the corner, behind the small slate stand.

Magazine Effects

As was mentioned at the start: A magazine’s bonus may change if there’s a variety of them in the series, thus assigning them a particular issue is generally meaningless, it is feasible that you can get all constellation guide bonuses while only ever picking up the issue that you find inside The Lodge.

Recipes however seem to remain the same.

Single-bonus magazines do seem to have an endpoint (likely series length) which once reached over a number of playthroughs just doesn’t give you the bonus any more, though I’ll have to gather some more data to be sure.

Series length seem to be determined by how applicable a bonus is, and whether it’s got a variety of bonuses. Gunslinger’s guide has a reasonably broad and importantly frequent bonus (Reloads!) which would probably get ridiculous if stacked 10x and with the reload skill. Conversely, Mining Monthly (10 issues) gives a small bonus to repurposed tools (Cutter, Arc welder and Auto-rivet)

Once more, a textless tooltip on pickup indicates that no new bonus was acquired. As a side effect this also makes them harder to track over multiple playthroughs.


Magazine Name – [Found/Available], [type of bonus], [stack] (Found issue #s)


  • Combatech Catalog – 3/5 Issues, variety, limited stack (2,3,5)
  • Increases range(+2)+Accuracy(+0.2%)* of Combatech weapons (shown on cover)
  • Constellation Guide – 4/5 Issues, variety, stack (1,2,3,4)
  • -15% O2 usage while overencumbered / +5% Healing item effectiveness / +5% Outpost resource production / -2% basic/advance science prog reqirements (on top of other bonuses)
  • Cyber Runner’s Cipher – 3/5 Issues, variety, stack (2,3,4)
  • +1% Stealth / +5% Laser crit damage / +1 Bankable auto hack (2 stack minimum)**
  • Freestar Captain’s Log – 4/5 Issues, variety, stack (2,3,4,5)
  • 1% chance to disarm with melee/unarmed / +5% damage to robots / +5% explosive radius/damage [found NG+2] / -5% Damage from aliens [found NG+2]
  • Grunt Issue7/10 issues, identical, stack (1,3,4,5,6,7,10)
  • +5% Ballistic crit damage
  • Gunslinger’s Guide5 issues, identical, stack
  • +5% Reload/draw speed on laredo weapons
  • Kryx’s Journal Entry – 5 Issues, variety, stack
  • -5% bribing cost / -2% requirements for basic/advanced social skills (tooltip: stackable)
  • Mining Monthly Issue – 6/10 Issues, identical, stack (1,4,5,7,8,10)
  • +2% Tool grip weapon damage
  • Neon Nights – 2/5 issues, recipes, one-time (2,3)
  • 2: S.T.E.V.E. recipe 3: O2 Shot recipe
  • The New Atlantian – 5/5 issues, recipes, one-time
  • 1: Deep Food 2: Panache 3: Astral Slider 4: Beer Brat Platter 5: Shepherd’s Pie
  • Nova Galactic Manual7/10 issues, identical, stack (3,5,6,7,8,9,10)
  • -1% fuel required for grav jumps
  • Peak Performance – 4/5 Issues, variety, stack (1,2,3,5)
  • -2% addictiveness to pharmaceuticals / -2% requirements for basic/advanced physical skills (on top of other bonuses)
  • Solomon’s Adventures – 5/5 Issues, variety, stack
  • +5% Unarmed damage / +5% food/drink effectiveness / +5% Melee crit damage
  • Tracker’s Primer – 2/5 Issues, variety, stack (3,5)
  • +5% Particle weapon damage / -2% Basic/advanced Combat skill prog req (on top of other bonuses)
  • UC Defense Manual – 4/5 Issues, identical, limited stack (2,3,4,5)
  • Increased bash damage and magazine size for Allied Armaments
  • (AA-99, Breach, Microgun, Negotiator, Orion, Urban Eagle, Sidestar)
  • Va’ruun Scripture – 8/10 Issues, identical, stack (2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10)
  • +1% sneak bonus, +5% melee sneak damage
  • Vanguard space Tactics – 4/5 Issues, variety, stack (1,2,3,4)
  • +5% Ship particle weapon damage / +5% Ship repair speed / -5% Damage from other ships

* Using an Advanced beowulf with long barrel, reflex sight, muzzle brake, tactical grip, recon laser, AP rounds and high powered mods. Range increased from 58 to 60 and accuracy from 76.1% to 76.3%. No combat skill investments other than the reloading perk.

** 4 for hacking 3, plus 1 for magazine in NG+1 and 1 more for magazine in NG+2

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  1. Tau Ceti II, Tau Gourmet Production Center. First floor of the first building you’ll encounter (just past the landed ship) on a workbench against the north wall next to two small ammo cases: Recipe book for “The Deep” food item.

  2. Found a 9th edition of the Nova Galactic Manual at an abandoned Deimos scrapyard. It’s on a table at a lounge across from a desktop globe.

  3. Theris a Peak Performance in the gym on The Eye and a Vanguard Space Tactics on a table in the Simulator room in the M.A.S.T. building

    • Gunslinger’s Guide 3 is on a bench in the Ranger Station in Hopetown. Va’ruun Scipture 2 is at the back of the living quarters upstairs on Starstion UCN-48 in the Murphid System “north” of Kryx

  4. I found Neon Nights 2 and 3, as well as Kay’s shepard’s pie receipe in the sme places in NG+2, so my guess would be all the recipe ones stay the same for sure.

  5. As to your last, my guess would be they went all-in on the multiple universesthing. It’d make sense then that there’s some variation, though I’m glad to say that that Shepard’s Pie and STEVE are in the same spots in an NG+. I’ll go check those two in my NG+2 now.

  6. update in the interest of transparency: I’ve gone into NG+2 to confirm the locations of the MAST magazines, as well as the New Atlantis magazines found in this guide. I’ve found some more locations.

    From what little I’ve been able to pick up, the issues remain the same. But guess the fuck what? The bonuses change. Figures. The #2 Cyber runner found in apex electronics had its bonus changed from extra robot damage to bankable autohack. All this awaits further comparison to pre NG+2 savefiles

  7. “There is a difference between deserted and abandoned facilities. They’re synonyms but you need to pay attention to them.”

    So what is the difference?

    • A deserted Bionics lab and an Abandoned Bionics lab would be two different bases/dungeons. Directions applying for one would not apply to the other.

  8. you can find one in the cabinet chambers, MAST district on the coffee table of deputy Elisabeth, add to the list 🙂

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