Starfield – Free Ships and Ship Builder

Hi there is a way to get free ship in matter of seconds lets use some intended game feature to get that!


Lets make it quick!

  • Step 0: Get some credits 100.000 or so and some melee weapon.
  • Step 1: You lovely fella gonna get yourself to the Alpha Centauri System – > Jemison – > New Atlantis – > Port Area.
  • Step 2: You gonna get to that lovely fella Ship Services Technician, lets call him “Hans”.

Shopping / Upgrading

  • Step 2.1: Drop down save just in case something gonna go wrong.
  • Step 3: Buy any ship you can afford. (I m gonna grab Galileo for 130k + 70k for Sparrow).

You can Upgrade your ship as you want we gonna get that money back later!

Sweet Spot

  • Step 3.1: Now you are poor but no worries get yourself to the security area down that ramp left of the technician:

Turn right:

Tricky Part

  • Step 4: Now that tricky part:

You gonna get your ass to that place where I am with that melee weapon I mentioned.

You gonna face Wall on the spot where Im standing:

You gonna jump, hold Block (RMB) and hold W so you gonna get to that buggy stage when you fall on ground.

Now you gonna land so your left foot gonna end up on that fancy line on the ground -> You may try it few times.

Secret Realm / Oblivion

  • Step 5: Is this oops moment? No we want to be in this ubelivable realm of behind the texture.

Lets Get to It!

  • Step 6: Under that handsome “Hans” the Technician theres our lovely trader chest.

Enjoy that intended game feature that rewarding curious people with 100% money back guarantee + ship you already “bought”.

Smack that like button you Giga-Chad and get those pirates!

Might also work for your upgrades and and ship builder on this spot.

Business and Credits

  • I bought Sparrow for 70.000 took money back and sold it for another 9.800
  • Galileo brought me another 16.500 + money back.
  • So profit from this can be 25.000 credits just for selling 2 ships.
  • More ships you gonna sell more Eddies you gonna get.
  • Investment 200.000 return 225.000 in 2 min.
  • I sold ships at.

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