Starfield – Outpost Storage Tips

Tips for Outpost Storage

It’s all under the “Storage” tab in your outpost building menu. The first item is the “Transfer Container”, this is where you dump all your items in to get sorted.

Then there’s three buildings by default:

  • Storage – Solid
  • Storage – Liquid
  • Storage – Gas

Each of them will hold up to something like 75kg of a specific type of material. When you build the Transfer Container you’ll get a prompt telling you that you can hook your transfer container up to storage and storage up to storage to create a chain.

Basically, you’ll want more than one of each type. You link the Transfer Container to Solid 1, Solid 1 to Solid 2 and Solid 2 to Solid 3 and that means when you dump ores into the Transfer Container it’ll fill up Solid 3, then Solid 2 then Solid 1. You can hook one Transfer Container up to multiple storage, so you just use the one Transfer Container for all your types of storage.

As you do more research you unlock more types of storage. For example, Storage – Solid can’t hold manufactured stuff like the Zero Wire or Gimballs. One of the first pieces of research I did unlocked the ability to build a Warehouse – Small which holds those items. I assume that more will be unlocked as I reserach more.

It’s much simpler once you get around to it, but basically you build 3-4 of each type of storage somewhere, link a single Transfer Container to them and make a chain out of them and then you can transfer straight from the ship to the container by interacting with the container.

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