Starfield – Logistics Tips

Tips to Logistics

You can upgrade your ship and add more storage or just dump it into the various companions at the beginning; no need for them to be active followers either, just trade with them.

If you are using the lodge to store things, just inside the lodge entry take the door to the basement. Near the center of the first room in the basement is something that might help. Note: being vague since I don’t know how to spoiler tag.

Upgrading your ship makes a big quality of life improvement. For me it’s the motive I have for questing and looting, upgrading my ship and later on creating specialized ships.

The other thing you can do with your resources, once you have enough of them that storing them I. Your ship is a problem, is spend them on building up an outpost.

I’ve just set up my main base on Jemison to be close to the Lodge for now. I’m went from drowning in resources to needing more iron and aluminium really fast.

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