Stolen Realm – How to Obtain Might of Ymir Fortune

Best way to obtain the runes needed for the Might of Ymir Fortune – lets you use 2H weapons (axe, hammer, sword) as if they were 1H.

Guide to Obtain Might of Ymir Fortune

Where to Find the Event

The Might of Ymir Trial Events are found exclusively in the Frostwrought Mountain biome – Night or Day. You should only be taking quests there if you are seeking this fortune.

What You’re Hunting

To obtain this fortune, you need to find 4 separate events:

  • Trial of Strength.
  • Trial of Honor.
  • Trial of Courage.
  • The Giant of Ymir.

Each Trial will reward you with a rune for the trial completed (there is no actual item given/way to track them at this time).

You can get the same Trial multiple times – this does not help. You need to complete and receive 1 of each rune. The Giant of Ymir can show up at any time. You do not need to find him first to start the collection. If you get him before you have all 3 runes, he will say you are not ready/you need to collect them for him.

Once you have all 3, and get the Giant, he will challenge you. Upon victory, you are rewarded with the fortune.

This Fortune will let you equip Staffs and Spears as 1H weapons, but it will not let you dual wield them. You can use them with a Shield utilizing this fortune. This functionality very well may be a bug at time of writing.

Best Way to Farm Runes

The best way to farm the events (which again, only shows up in Frostwrought Mountain maps) is to set the difficulty to Casual – select a quest lvl of 30 (if you have beaten Act4, quests lvl can scale indefinitely beyond 30).

Once you have quest options set, run the map taking all events possible. Once you get to the boss, abandon quest, retry from beginning – this will reset the map and take you back to the first fight. Rinse and repeat.

If you obtained this fortune before lvl 30 – you will have to collect the runes again. There is no way to upgrade fortunes at this time.

Those within the Discord community have reported how long this process can take. One member said it took roughly 12 hours. Another 7. For me – my time to obtain all four necessary events was about 4 hours of total gameplay. Another member was very fortunate and got everything needed in about 1.5 hours.

For how good the fortune is – the possible grind is justified in my opinion.

I hope this helps streamline any frustration obtaining the rune leads to. Happy hunting!

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