Tap Wizard 2 – Gameplay FAQ (with Tips)

Frequently Asked Question

How do I awaken?

Hit the max level on your staff, which is 10 when you first start. It goes up by 1 level every time you awaken.

Why don’t I see the latest build on the play store?

Some builds are initially only rolled out to closed beta first and are tagged as such. Builds also can take up to 2-4 hours to appear on the store.

How do I gain and use totems?

Totems need to be acquired from the shop either by purchasing a jagged totem via gems or from Garry.

Then in the totem pouch you can choose which totems are active, and they will appear randomly on the field. (You can see the average appearance rate by selecting a totem) You can have up to 3 offense and 3 defense totems active at a time.

Can I work on Era 1 achievements during Era 2?

Yes, you do not get locked out of achievements for moving eras.

How do I speed up Kindling?

Collect Achievements and Timeshard Troves! Awakening at Max rank will also grant 24 hrs worth of Timeshards!

Help! I can’t control the Wizard anymore!

Check and see if the Fight and Flight Rune is active!

Overachiever is disabled (or I don’t have it), but my Research is still auto-starting. What’s going on?

The Spirit Engine enables auto-research up until the Zenith. You can disable auto-research in the Spirit Engine settings.

Whats the best Wizard/Spell/Mirror path?

There really isn’t one. If there is, no one has figured it out yet pick whatever looks most fun / cool / awesome to you and just try to have a good time. Trying out a different loadout or set up every awakening or two will help you explore and find what is most fun for you. For the Mirror, just pick a node on the outer ring and move towards it.

Basically, don’t overthink it! You can’t make a wrong choice.

Why would I want to use the lantern? Does it lower my short term gains?

When you first enter the chronozone, your souls are immediately converted into power. 30 seconds of inactivity after that, the lantern activates. So the lantern only decreases the amount you gain from the runs since the lantern started.

To phrase it another way:

  • Run 1: 100% gains, directly into your power. The lantern never touches this because it has not triggered yet.
  • 30 seconds of inactivity pass. The lantern kicks in, starting run 2 for you.
  • Run 2: 100% is stored in the lantern, then the lantern loses 25%. The lantern contains 75%. Rolling total: 175%.
  • Run 3: 100% is added to the lanterns 75, then the lantern loses 25%. 175 * 0.75 = 131. Rolling total: 231%.
  • Run 4: 100% is added to the lanterns 131. then the lantern loses 25%. 231 * 0.75 = 173. Rolling total: 273%.
  • Run 5: 100% is added to the lanterns 173. then the lantern loses 25%. 273 * 0.75 = 204. Rolling total: 304%.
  • This pattern continues for one hour, after which the lantern freezes and the game enters offline mode.

So the lantern increases your short term gains quite a bit if you are the type of player who leaves the game alone for tens of minutes, and there is no situation in which having the lantern turned on will slow down your progress.

Redeem Codes

Where to Enter Codes?

The codes can be entered in the Vault item. The Tap Wizard 2 icon is a bag, in which you can find the Vault.

Active Codes:

  • TapWizard2
  • Yahoo!
  • TopCog
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