Tarisland – Buffs Guide for Raiding

Raid Prep (Buffing) Guide

This guide will cover various items you can use to buff/heal your self in raid.


There are four main types of potions you need:

  • Healing Potions (Instant Heals)
  • Lasting Potions (Last 30 min)
  • Mixture Potions
  • Burst Potions

Note: You can stack lasting potion + mixture + burst + hp/fish.

Healing Potions

Available in hot items store (must always have).

Lasting Potions

Made with alchemy. Bought from player market. They last 30min and are a must have for raiding.

Mixture Potions

They’re raid wide potions a single person places down.

Burst Potions

Instant use potions for instant short power boost.


Back up revive. Everyone should have these.


Food event allows you to make 1 food/hr. You can stack one food from each line at once.

Line #1

Line #2

Final day ones are feasts. You share them with team. Keep in mind you nee previous days meals to make them supreme stock pot comes from cook NPCs.


This section will contain food I believe is useful for battle, list of fish will be on a fishing guide.

Ignore tool tip. It heals. Its basically a potion. Doesn’t share CD with potion.

Not as good but its something.


I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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