Tarisland – Spider Queen Elite Mode Guide

Guide to Spider Queen Elite Mode

  • Enrage Timer – 8:10 Mins
  • Estimated DPS – 3.5k dps if you can kill ArchDruid, SpiderQueen is ez

Recommendation Ultimate Skills

  • Tank: Interrupt, Speed, Taunt
  • Healer: Cleanse, Speed, Res
  • DPS: Speed, Breakfree

Eggs Phase

Phase 1 Strategy

Start by positioning the boss to clear eggs with AOE attacks. Groups alternate between focusing on the boss and clearing remaining eggs (Group clearing the eggs rotating clockwise). Tanks must handle debuffs and prepare for phase transitions.

Devourer Eggs

Big eggs in the middle will drag players in – No DPS – Boss will kill the eggs eventually. Just get away from it.

Boss goes into Middle

Putting dark puddle around her. Don’t get hit by dark puddle. Dark puddle will destroy the eggs.


Get behind the boss when she is casting “Expel” Tips: Tank positions the boss facing the edge of the room.

Green & Purple Phase

Phase 2 Transition

Watch for purple or green debuffs and follow arrows to the correct sides. There will be the bridge to get to another platform.

Note: Avoid touching egg sacs on the web before the platform to prevent being knocked back and dying.

Phase 2 Strategy

Boss splits into shadow and poison clones. Tanks need to interrupt crucial spells, and DPS on adds should prioritize bigger spiders. Clear remaining spiders and egg sacs before the boss returns.

Devourer Eggs P2

Kill the egg for both platform else it will knock you back and die. Avoid Purple circle under the boss, RDPS dps the boss.


Get behind the boss when she is casting “Expel” Tips: Tank positions the boss facing the edge of the room.

  • Boss HP 40% will transition to Final Phase.
  • Kill the Devourer Eggs before going to middle platform.
  • Avoid green web not to get rooted – Breakfree.
  • Do not touch the eggs.
  • 2 Spider Queens get in the middle of Platform.
  • Interrupt both bosses.
  • 2 Bosses will merge together then Final Phase begins.

Final Phase

Final Strategy

Repeat the same mech as P2.

Focus on spider summons. Clearing Devourer Eggs and Egg sacs clearing and Kill the boss before enrage!

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