Teardown – Final Mission Guide (Campaign)

A tutorial on how to beat the final mission in the Teardown Campaign.

Guide to Final Campaign Mission

The Goal of the Mission

The goal of the mission is to save your mother and Cullington from instant death.

The mission description says to dump an autonomous bomb truck (the Truxterminator) into the ocean. And there are multiple ways to do this, and I will explain all the ones I know

Lore Behind the Mission

If you study the computer messages about the Truxterminator in Cullington, it directly says:

I might as well found out whilst I wait for the ruckus to calm down. While scrutinizing the mall security tapes with the new manager, we caught a glimpse of a yellow van marked LTS. With a bit of research we managed to locate the same van parked on a driveway in Cullington. Well… what used to be a driveway in what used to be Cullington. I would wager that I will get the last laugh after all.

If you go in-depth of it more, you would realize that Amanatides is getting revenge on us. Going back into the first messages on the computer, you will locate a message talking about how we got caught destroying a building for Gordon Woo.

My theory is that he is getting revenge on us for destroying that building, and he is using a driving bomb to do so.

Option 1: Destroy Everything in It’s Path

This is the most destructive option, and is a risk to take. If anything touches the Truxterminator’s warhead, it’s over. Therefore making it a risky option.

This is essential when you have run out of cables. (see Option 2 for discussion) I would not recommend this option, as others might work.

Yes, you will have to do some destruction in the mission, but not as much as this option.

So, if you do want to use this route, you probably love high-term destruction.

  • Rating: 6/10

Option 2: ‘Steer’ the Truxterminator Out of the Way

This is a more safe option, as it does not require as much destruction as Option 1. Still, pretty risky (not as much as Option 1) as you got to be perfect with your trajectory.

One way to use this option is by using cables.

As long as the cables are strong, it is the recommended way to execute this option. It may be slow to steer it, but as long as you have the cables, you are fine.

Planks could work too, but you shouldn’t. Planks aren’t that strong when connected like cables, therefore NOT recommending it.

You should use this option, as it is safe.

  • Rating: 8/10

Option 3: Mods

This is the best way to go out if you want an easy gameplay for the campaign.

All you got to do is to be careful, and go up high with the thing.

Recommended to use the “Physics Gun” mod, as it is the easiest mod to use.

However, if you want to go a realistic way out,

Do not use this option!

  • Rating: 10/10
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