Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – Fireball / Tubular Spin Online Glitch

Fun fireball (team attack) online glitch.


SR has a tons of online glitches in multiplayer games, BUT this one is something really WILD, a fireball glitch that you can do on purpose with your team.


One of players start doing a dive attack and the other one makes the normal attack. While doing a dive attack, the other player must stuck on throwing animation for a few seconds. Once done, let the other player do the same, but don’t do a dive attack until the other players have finished (if there are more than 2P).

All players done, choose the perfect moment and then use a dive attack with your team at the same time, and will happen the tubular spin glitch.

P.S: You can hold the fireball for as long as you want too, until you do a dive attack again. The only exception to that rule is entering a new screen, like the elevator on stage 7 or 13.

Here’s a video example that exactly shows how to perform this glitch:

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