Terra Invicta – Africa Only Guide

Useful Tips for Africa Run

1) Spoil is Your Friend – Most of your priority should be in that for all your countries (with a pip in army/space perhaps) Choose three countries counties to be your build counties, you can put a pip in research welfare and military to keep them stabilized if you want but I am not sure if it is worth it – you’ll want one to focus on space program / nuke / getting at least one army out. I tried to use the economic zone indicator like in the gulf states/Israel as my centers.

2) Research – What research? Contribute on your projects don’t worry about the globals. You’ll be behind, accept that, most of your research will come from space/orgs by mid game.

3) Your Counties are Shit – That’s OK – Bonus most factions will leave you alone if you lose one it will be easy to take back; also keep that in mind investing in bettering your counties via gdp ect is largely pointless for you remember to get interlocking alliances going each time you expand. You are going to be dumber, smaller than most factions keep that in mind if you decided to pick in anyone. I.e don’t. E humanities hero until late game.

4) Boost is the name of the early game most of your spools will be reinvested here but you’ll want at least one bomb to provide a nuclear umbrella by the mid-late 20’s ideally one in 2 countries. After that in mc and getting more countries space programs.

5) Trade / Steal – Use the hostile takeover trait to steal orgs from the aliens/servants and sell to the ai. By the late 20’s some so will have 100k just sitting there. Also you can trade for boost – which may be critical getting into space early game. You get any project the ai doesn’t sell those too, steal the ones you don’t have. It looks like the ai will devalue orgs the more they get and values certain ones more (don’t know which).

6) Space Race – You’ll likely miss the rush to dominate the moon/Mars but should be able to to dominate ceres/mercury. As long as you get 1-3 based on the moon/mars you’ll be ok.

Bonus Tips

Commercial Rocket Companies could be a good source of boost when you don’t have a space program.

Nigeria and Egypt, Ethiopia and the Great Lakes States all have high population and will be critical to your run for developing an economy very early in the game.

Congo is a great country to run Spoils in early game to invest in Orgs and other countries. Invest into economy and research in countries with 100m+ population.

Countries with tiny population like Namibia and Botswana are good targets for spoils, since you’re only creating inequality for a few million people which will get averaged away when you merge ’em. Anyone with less than 20m pop I would consider doing almost pure spoils on to feed cash into my space program and other countries.

Getting stations around earth with Social Science labs will be necessary to speed down the social science tech trees to making mergeable nations.

Unification of Maghreb, United Arab League, East African Federation, West African Community, Nigerian Confederation, The Bantu Nation, etc.

Then you want the African Union, but you just want to use that to get Ethiopia to gobble up all the small remaining countries, you really don’t actually want to unify Africa into a single country imho because you can field less IP.

Turning Africa into 5-8 Actually viable countries should be doable by 2030 if you have 5 councillors who can reduce unrest, and the right Orgs to boost your investments, with the right habs around Earth.

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  1. Went for Unification of the Maghreb, Nigerian Confederation, and the Bantu Nation then unified into African Union around 2033
    Made some nukes in Algeria to keep the AI at bay and focused on boost in Egypt and MC everywhere else, then unified each nation in after it finished filling its MC slots

  2. You should definitely start in North Africa, those nations actually have relevant economies and education ratings.
    Subsaharan Africa is in a terrible overall state and fixing it in any CP efficient way included uniting them. So rushing the Techs is fairly important.
    The main question you have to ask if you want to do it peacefully or via conquest.

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