Terra Invicta – How to Take Over the USA

Guide to Take Over the USA


  • Take Canada or Mexico for border bonus.
  • Flood USA with advertising campains. Ideally 2-3 20k investment per turn (can be easier if you have luck and your faction is already the dominant opinion).
  • Invest 16 influence each turn on a 7+ persuasion character to take control. Continue advertising.
  • Once you take 2-3 points, your chances should increase.
  • When you are at the 5th point, you’ll be over your influence cap, and it will nuke your influence gains. So abandon Canada/Mexico. You chances should drop but it should be managable to get the last point.
  • Then you are stuck for a while cause you are sligtly over your influence Cap just with USA alone, so you can’t really take control of others countries until you increase the cap.
  • USA is hard to get, so the AI should not bother you while you try. Also taking controll sooner is a good thing, as Servants will get free help from aliens and it will be much easier for them to get controll points in USA/china.

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