Terra Invicta – How to Eliminate Other Factions

Guide to Eliminate Other Factions


Completely eliminate? Impossible.

But you are capable to technically remove from game 2 factions of your choise. How?

  • Step 1. Get good councilor (assassin, investigator, persuador).
  • Step 2. Find enemy agent.
  • Step 3. Investigate enemy agent.
  • Step 4. Use “turn councilor” on him until target became double-agent. Profits for you: you’re seing all enemy agents (except those who’re in hidding).
  • Step 5. Kill all enemy agents but your traitor.
  • Step 6. Once AI will decide to deal with traitor – very high chance that he’s hiring replacement first. That mean you will already see their new agent. Return back to Step 2.

With a single remaining agent (+ your ability to make him fail any mission if you really don’t like it) faction is technically dead. Efforts to do it IMHO much less then countering them in their full might (but step 1 require some preparation and luck).

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