The First Descendant – Guide to Enzo (Perfect Support)

Enzo Guide

By Cherrytarrt (Yams).

Keep in mind that this is an expensive and arguably unreasonable build, but it performs well for the role it fills.

The build is centered around Perfect Support, Supply Tactical Armor (transcendent mod), and Nazeistra’s Devotion (Not Needed).

Perfect Support provides:

  • Ammo every 1.5 second interval
  • 20% firearm attack increase
  • 20% crit hit rate
  • +10% reload speed modifier

Supply Tactical Armor provides 15% dmg reduction and 20% movement speed to all allies whenever you apply a buff to a single all–irrespective of their range. 

Nazeistra’s Devotion restores 10% at the cost of your MP whenever you shoot an ally. Do not need if you have Multi-Talented. 

Whenever you use Perfect Support, shoot an ally with Nazeistra’s Devotion, or an ally runs through Start Supply, it will grant everyone Supply Tactical Armor. 

With Multi-Talented:

(Antibody is a flex spot for resistances, but you have enough capacity to put any mod in there. Can max out with higher mastery rank or putting forma on skill slot):

Alternatively, you can scale your shield instead of health with Increased Shield and HP Conversion (Shield), and abuse Enhance Combat Suit, which restores 25% Shield on use and 6% at each interval. The short cooldowns, duration, and MP recovery enable constant use. Arguably better than health build.

Note: You need the appropriate component rolls to make this work, .e.g., max shield as primary stat, max shield as secondary on processor, and bravery 2 set.

Without Multi-Talented:

Keep in mind that Supply Tactical Armor CHANGES his passive ability. It will no longer increase ammo capacity. However, Perfect Support and Supply Tactical Armor will have 100% uptime with Multi-Talented Build. Ammo is not an issue. 

Note: For Multi-Talented, you need to activate Explosive Drone or Enhance Combat Suit BEFORE Perfect Support. The timing for this can be buggy. You need to wait until the drone fires out and explodes before recasting; otherwise, it won’t recast and will put it on cooldown or attempt to apply a second drone and bug out.

Multi-Talented and/or Maximize Duration, Skill Extension, Nimble Fingers and MP Conversion to increase uptime of Perfect Support and Supply Tactical Armor..

If you run Multi-Talented, you do not need Maximum Duration unless you don’t have the correct rolls on your Reactor.

Maximum Duration and Maximize Conservation will reduce the damage of your Perfect Support Drone to 0%. It doesn’t really do damage anyway. It will reduce the damage of Explosive Drone, but not significantly enough to consider another option and it still does decent damage. Alternatively, you can run Strong Mentality in the Multi-Talented build instead of Maximize Conservation so Perfect Support can still do damage.  

Skill Expansion or Amplification Control can be used to increase range for Perfect Support. If you played Enzo before, you know the base range is bad. This helps for Colossi if you do not have a static and are not in comms to make call outs. 

Increased Health and Increased Defense for survival. Maybe Increased Shield can replace Increased Health with how often you can activate Enhance Combat Suit. Haven’t tested.

The empty slot will be a dedicated flex spot for Resistances. Outside of Colossi, you can run Battle of Stamina for increased health and duration–not needed with Multi-talented. Focus mods will be difficult to optimize with this build and likely will exist in another build. 


Since you are casting your abilities so often, MP becomes a concern. I initially used Increase Mana and MP Collector, but found it underwhelming for Colossi–not surprisingly. I found MP Recovery In Combat on the sensor component and MP recovery on the memory component.

I decided to run Energy Collection to scale the MP Recovery In Combat further.

MP Recovery Modifier on the memory component is additive with Energy Collection, providing as little more scaling to MP Recovery in Combat.

I also added Maximize Conservation for some skill cost reduction at the cost of % skill modifier, which is not relevant for this build as stated above. All of this combined provides INSANE MP efficiency. Again, you can run Strong Mentality in the Multi-Talented build instead of Maximize Conservation so Perfect Support can still do damage.  

Note: When you take damage, mp recovery in combat will momentarily stop, but it does not substantially affect uptime as you will begin recovering in a second or so. It only becomes an issue when you continually take damage.

While Energy Collection might be overkill, it’s beneficial for boss fights and frequent ability casting. The key takeaway is that MP Recovery In Combat is amazing. 

I don’t believe any of the extant tier-sets for the components are good for Enzo. I am running 2 set Annihilation Auxiliary Power (probably don’t need this if you run Maximize Duration) for the duration and Tomb Guard for the defense. Another option is 2 set Bravery.

For the Reactor, you mainly are looking for duration and skill cooldown rolls. If you don’t have these rolls, you can run Maximum Duration to hit 100% uptime for Perfect Support. You can run non-attribute and dimensional to increase damage of Explosive Drone.

This build is a work in progress, but I feel the core is very strong. It is fundamentally a team oriented build since you cannot proc Supply Tactical Armor without an ally. If you play with a dedicated team, they might be able to get away with more dmg mods as they will be utilizing your provided mitigation and evasiveness. If power scaling becomes high, this build may become obsolete. 

Outside of Nazeistra’s Devotion, this build will likely use whatever is BIS and will flex depending on content. I may consider using Divine Punishment, but I don’t think Enzo can get full value out of the ability. Restored Relic is also a good option for the team-wide firearm damage. This can synergize with Divine Punishment. I will eventually provide builds for weapons.

Other Builds

I want to try Supply Firearm Enhancer–this replaces Start Supply. Since Start Supply is effectively useless with 100% uptime on Perfect Support. This could be a good alternative to Supply Tactical Armor.

I am also working on a “solo/ utility dps” Enzo build that utilizes Focus Fire, but I haven’t been able to get it from the vaults.

Modules look will something like:

Reach out if you have any questions (tags listed at top), feedback, or suggestions. I am excited to continue to build Enzo and contribute to the overall content for him.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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