The First Descendant – World Missions & Void Intercept Battles (Beta Guide)

In the third guide, we will introduce World Missions and Void Intercept Battles (Raids), which offer a large amount of EXP, quality equipment, and necessary materials to research Descendants.

Please note that the guide is in line with the Steam Beta Test, and that some of the contents may be modified in the official service.

What Are World Missions?

In World Missions, you complete a mission in a designated field as a party.

You can obtain a large amount of EXP, equipment, and Descendant research (craft) materials.

After completing World Missions (Consecutive Survival) and Consecutive Defense missions,

you can occasionally obtain Amorphous Materials which contain Descendant research materials, Crystallization Catalyst Kit, Energy Activator, and advanced Runes.

To use Amorphous Materials, you need to own the item and defeat the linked Colossus in the Void Intercept Battle (Raid).

Upon winning the battle, you can select one of the Amorphous Material Components.

Tip: How to Use Amorphous Materials

First, Amorphous Materials can be obtained occasionally from World Missions (Consecutive Survival) and Consecutive Defense missions.

Check the number of the obtained Amorphous Materials, and defeat the matching Colossus in the Void Intercept Battle (Raid).

Select Colossus on the Void Intercept Battle screen to check the linked Amorphous Material from below.

After defeating the Colossus, you can select one of the Amorphous Material Components.

Obtained items will be available in your Inventory.

You can accept your first World Mission after completing all the main quests in Kingston.

Likewise, you can accept World Missions in other regions after completing all the main quests in that area.

You can join the mission immediately after match-making, without using any resources.

During the test period, you can only participate in Consecutive Survival missions. More World Missions will be available in the future.

When Kingston World Mission is available.

World Mission Consecutive Survival

To start World Missions, go to “World Mission Terminal” in Albion, and select a mission in one of the regions.

Location of World Mission Terminal in Albion.

When you accept a mission, you will be matched to a party, and then relocated to the mission field where you’ll meet 10 consecutive waves.

In each wave, you have to find the descending Exploration Fleet, and defeat monsters for 3 minutes to defend the fleet.

Move to Exploration Fleet location marked with an orange icon.

Mana Saturation increases constantly during the mission; when it reaches 100%, Descendant’s HP will decrease constantly, so you need to keep an eye on the rate.

To reduce Mana Saturation, use Neutralizer Filter obtained from monsters.

Neutralizer dropped by monsters.

Monsters will be spawned randomly, from general monsters to elite monsters. If several elite monsters appear, you may be at risk of dying.

The death count (number of times party members are allowed to die) for the World Mission is 12. If the party’s death count exceeds the limit, it will mean failure of the mission.

But rescuing another party member within the rescue time will not count as a death.

What Are Void Intercept Battles?

Void Intercept Battle is a raid where you enter a special area to defeat a Colossus (boss) as a party.

By defeating the Colossus, you can obtain a large amount of equipment and advanced Runes.

If you own an Amorphous Material, you can select one of the Amorphous Material Components as a reward after completing Void Intercept Battle.

You can select the component in the result screen after defeating the Colossus, which will then be sent to your Inventory.

Void Intercept Battles have two difficulty levels, normal and hard, and each Colossus has different participation requirements.

Hover over the boss to check requirements.

Tip: You can take part in your first Void Intercept Battle after completing the last main quest in Kingston!

Complete Kingston’s last main quest (8. Shelter of Light) and participate in Void Intercept Battle.

How to Participate in Void Intercept Battles

There are two ways to participate in Void Intercept Battles: First, talk to NPC “Seneca” in Albion and select a boss; second, open World Map (G) and select a boss.

Location of NPC Seneca in Albion.

Participating in Void Intercept Battle via World Map.

When you start a Void Intercept Battle, you will join match-making, and then your party will be relocated to a special area in which the Colossus dwells.

Void Intercept Battles have a time limit and the death count (number of times party members are allowed to die) is 3. The mission is a failure if the party’s death count exceeds 3, or if you fail to defeat the Colossus within the time limit.

But rescuing another party member within the rescue time will not count as a death.

Display location of time limit and death count.

Tip: Colossus Tip!

Pressing Tab will show the destructible part in blue. Concentrate fire on that part to turn it into yellow.

Then use converging fire or a grappling hook to destroy the part and put the boss in a groggy state.

Tip: Organize your Inventory before Void Intercept Battles!

Various rewards will be dropped upon completion, and they must be looted before the timer runs out, after which you will be returned to Albion.

You can no longer acquire items after returning to Albion.

Display location of remaining time before moving to Albion.

Tip: Of course, you can exit right away!

If you’ve looted all items after Void Intercept Battle, press ESC, select from the menu to return to Albion immediately.

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