The First Descendant – How to “Successfully Infiltrate” Strategic Outposts

Gameplay Tips for “Successfully Infiltrate” Strategic Outposts

  • Step 1: Get Sharen (mandatory).
  • Step 2: Level her enough to get your second skill (Invis) to max level.
  • Step 3: Build only duration and survivability.
  • Step 4: Before entering and starting an Outpost go invisible (do not shot anything, do not let them see you while not invis).
  • Step 5: With a duration in Invis of 14-16 seconds you should have no problem hacking each tower before coming out of invis (to hack just aproach the towers and interact).
  • Step 6: Boss/elite will spawn, kill it.
  • Step 7: Congrats you just earned yourself double the amount of Am. Materials.

Some Tips

If you are farming 1 specific Am. Mat. only, reset your instance by TPing to a different zone and then tping back.

Spamming dodge will be fast and more consistent than walking/sprinting between towers.

This might seem like too much hassle for some extra chance at getting Am. Materials and that may be true for normal mode but for hard mode its almost mandatory since each Outpost has an Am. Material that only drops from infiltration there is no other way of getting them.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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