The First Descendant – Ultimate Bunny Build for Farming

Quick Guide to Ultimate Bunny for Farming

Non Intercept Build:

  • Increased HP + Increased DEF is a must or you will not enjoy the game.
  • Long Distance Maneuvering I personally like this so you can get big burst with 3rd ability.
  • Nimble Fingers + Focus on Electric gives you 100% uptime on her 3rd ability Lighting Emission.
  • Maximize Range + Skill Expansion gives pretty good range to make life easier.
  • Skill Concentration + Skill Insight gives critical chance and critical damage.

Non Intercept Build Mod Priority to Upgrade:

  1. Increased HP
  2. Increased DEF
  3. Long-Distance Maneuvering
  4. Skill Expansion
  5. Focus on Electric
  6. Nimble Fingers
  7. Maximize Range
  8. Technician
  9. Skill Concentration
  10. Skill Insight

Skill Modules Choice: (Optional)

Superconductor is good if you cant survive in Infiltrations. Electric Charge gives bonus damage to your jump and its my favorite for infiltrations. High-Voltage very good for bossing and small number of mob missions.

Reactor of Choice:

Tingling Reactor with Singular and Electric Boost with, crit hit rate and crit damage.

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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