The Front – How to Get Followers

In this guide I will show you on how to get followers in The Front.

Guide How to Get Followers

Step 1


  • You need to have “Simple Jammer” unlocked in the Tech menu.
  • You need to make at least 8 minimum to 12/13 maximum.
  • Find NPCs.

Step 2

What now?

  • Once you have found an NPC you need to hit it. Either with a gun or melee weapon.
  • Now, as you can see on the picture this symbol pops up. When this is happening, throw your Simple Jammer at the NPC a few times.
  • When the NPC is downed you need to interact with it. Check out the next step.

Step 3

How to tame the NPC:

  • Now interact with the NPC that you have downed. On the top right you can see three tabs. Click the middle one saying “favorite food”. In here you can see the food the NPC needs in order to be tamed. Check the picture below.
  • When you have placed in the food (doesn’t really matter what you choose in my experience) you need to wait for around 20/30 minutes.
  • After that, you can make the NPC follow you back to your base when he will stand still. In future updates/patch-notes, there will be more features for the NPC.

Chaos & Obedience


  • The Chaos bar is essentially their stun meter in a way that when it’s high, you’re okay, they are friendly, everything is cool, but when it becomes close to zero, you’ll lose your chance at recruiting this enemy.
  • The Obedience bar is how close you are to taming this new recruit, and this meter goes up once they consume their favorite food.


  • If the Choas bar is close to becoming empty, there’s no need to panic. Just throw another SImple Jammer at them, and the bar will go back up to full. This is why it’s important to have multiple Simple Jammers on you at all times.
  • For the Obedience bar, you need to ensure you are stocked up and keep giving them food until it reaches 100%; interact with them to Subdue them and make them your follower. They will now start to follow you. Lead them back to your base. When at your base, hold down the interact button and choose the option to Recall Follower. This will add them to your inventory. Yes, you read the correctly.
  • Now head to the crafting station you want them assigned to, interact with it, and in the top right corner should read Follower Bar. Drag them from your inventory to this square underneath the Follower Bar to assign them to that station, but remember to keep giving them their favorite food! You can find followers who have skills, but these are pretty rare!
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  1. Couple of things that could be added in this guide. Whats the max level npc for simple jammers ?
    Whats the difference between all the npcs? Can I tame the big boys ? How do you place an npc on a machine ? How do you feed npcs ? How do you put the npc in the inventory ? Looking forward for more details.

  2. When i try to recall my follower (from item state into placed state) it won’t spawn is it a bug or a misunderstanding on my side?

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