The Front – How to Craft Items / Structures

Crafting Items

In The Front, you will face a variety of existential threats, both from nature and from other players. A strong base, having lots of supplies, and advanced weapons are all key factors to ensuring your survival. These all must be built up step-by-step.

As your character levels up, you will be able to unlock more advanced tech formulas in the Tech interface [O].

There are currently 7 major tech trees that can be unlocked in The Front, namely:

  • Basic
  • Weapons
  • Structures
  • Vehicles
  • Gear
  • Supplies
  • Technology

In addition to meeting a level requirement, some tech will also require you to spend a certain amount of Ether Shards. Different tech also has different crafting requirements.

Crafting from Your Inventory

Tech in the early game can generally be crafted from your crafting inventory [TAB]. When unlocking tech from the tech interface [O], so long as the tech you want to unlock does not specifically indicate that it requires a special workbench to craft, then it can be crafted from your crafting inventory [TAB].

How to Craft:

  1. Press [TAB] to open the crafting inventory. When you have enough materials to craft something, the corresponding recipe on the left will be highlighted.
  2. Click [LMB] on the recipe, and the Craft button as well as its required materials will appear on the right.
  3. Click [LMB] “Craft” and wait for the item to finish crafting.

Crafting from a Workbench

Whether you are a solo player or have joined a squad [G], your base will need to have workbenches; they are where most of the tech in the game is crafted.

The Front has various different workbenches, including the Crafting Table, Chemist’s Bench, Weapon Crafting Table, Metal Processor, Forging Table, and more.

Each workbench can only be used to craft specific tech. When unlocking new tech, you can check the recipe interface to see which workbench the tech requires.

How to Craft:

  1. After placing a workbench, press [F] while next to it to open it. The workbench where tech can be produced will appear on the left, the workbench’s inventory will appear on the right, and your inventory will appear in the middle.
  2. Place the required materials into the workbench’s inventory on the right. Once enough materials have been placed into the workbench’s inventory, the corresponding recipe will be highlighted on the left.
  3. Click [LMB] on the corresponding recipe on the left, and the Craft button as well as the material requirements will appear above your inventory.
  4. Click [LMB] “Craft” and wait for the item to finish crafting.
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