The Genesis Order – How to Complete Diana Side Quest (Game’ Hang Problem)

So completing cat side quest breaks Diana side quest at police station. This guide contains spoilers that may help you to solve this problem.

The Guide

While looking for the two USBs at the police station after completing the main story Diana was found in the gym starting her side quest, the cat was also found on the second floor starting that side quest.

After finding both USBs and returning them, Diana’s side quest was continued by bringing the Oracle to the officers, while waiting for the call to the burner phone, the cat was found in the office on the second floor continuing that side quest.

After completing the cat side quest with Chloe returning to the police station to continue the Diana side quest causes the game to hang, because it seems the MC is expected to meet Diana by leaving from inside the police station not by coming to the policy station from the city map.

When leaving the police station during the farm sidequest the Diana sidequest continues again.

Bonus tip

Maybe you need the answers to this questions:

How to find out what attracts the cat stuck in the ventilation pipe?

It is the mint, you just have to be in the right room to use it. You can find the mint on east of the big cross thing in the woods.

How to find the photos that will convince the judge to let Hanna and her mother have the farm?

The photos come from the same place as the mint.

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