The Genesis Order – Lillian Pages: Key & Chest Locations Guide

If you want to unlock the Kamasutra Pages (KP’s) for each of their matching booty calls (BC’s), you can figure out the locations of each chest key and chest (if accessible) in this guide.

Note: The number next to the page name (X) corresponds to the order in which they are available in the game.

All Lillian (5) Pages Locations

Page 1: Pussy Play (10) v.25051

Key Location: Use the grappling hook to collect the key here.

Chest Location:

Page 2: Pussy Sex (13) v.31062

Key Location: Craft using 2 key halves

Chest Location: Return to where you got the farmhouse key; behind the farm. 

Page 3: Throat Fuck (18) v.41091

Key Location: Follow the fish downstream behind the Ray farm. 

Chest Location: 

Page 4: Anal Sex (40) v.84081

Key Location:

Chest Location:

Page 5: The Turn Tables (59/60) v.98031

Key Location:

Chest Location:

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