The Genesis Project – Securing Your Sburb Disk

A Simple guide to securing your disk of Sburb in game in case it is lost or you simply just need another one.

The Simple Steps

Welcome to this short guide on gaining some small safety in this early version of the game!

Simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step One:

First of all, all of the objects from the Phernalia Registry need to be placed and I would recommend Entering before doing this.

Step Two:

Place your copy of the Sburb Disk into the Punch Designix, and then punch it. Do be aware, doing this renders it unusable for the time being.

Step Three:

Insert the punched Sburb Disk and a Cruxite Dowel into the Totem Lathe.

Step Four:

Lathe the Sburb Disk into a totem.

Step Five:

Load the totem of the Sburb disk into the Alchemiter.

Step Six:

Create the Sburb Disk. This will consume a small amount of Grist.

Step Seven:

Congrats, you’ve done it! You now have unlimited copies of your Sburb Disk in case anything goes wrong.

I wish you luck and I hope this helped in some form!

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