No Man’s Sky – Expedition 6: The Blighted Walkthrough

Please note: all credit goes to windessy !

Starting Expedition

All expeditions are small stories, with it’s own start and end. All achievements from expeditions will be available in all saves on account. So you can play main game, then step aside to play expedition, then return to main game with new achievements.

To start an expedition you need click “Play game” – select empty save slot “New game” – Select “Community expedition”


  1. Please remember to save game after each achievement by using Save Beacon.
  2. This expedition has limited functionality – you will not be able to build bases or claim Settlement until you finish all Phases of Expedition.

Phase 1

Mission 1 – The Compass

Mine some Carbon, open you inventory (TAB – EXOSUIT) click on free slot and create 1 Carbon Nanotubes. Switch to MULTI-TOOL and click on broken Analysis Visor, click on red slot to fix it.

Return to normal view, press ESC and open EXPEDITION tab. Select Phase 1 and click on first mission “THE COMPASS”. It will sitch you to LOG tab and pin first mission as active. It will also show you your ship on your compass. Run to it.

Mission 2 – Clipped Wings

Repair all components of your ship. Obtain missed materials by mining lower materials and processing them in “Personal Refiner”.

Mission 3 – Liberation

Collect rewards from previous mission (Warp cell), charge your hyperdrive and fly away from the planet. In next system defeat Pirates and speak with the captain. You will get 1/3 of Pirate Map and finish mission.

Mission 4 – Red Skies

You need to repair freighter. Warp Hypercore – can be obtained from the mission agent on nearest station, or replaced by Repair Kit gained as salvage from pirates.

Quantum Computers – can be purchased from traders on Trading Stations on the planet. After repairing Freighter’s drive you can use it’s map to warp to red star and finish the mission.

I selected Madyge as a closest to next rendezvous point. Here you can mine some Cadmium for future upgrades and Gravitino balls for Phase 2 Mission 4

Mission 5 – Rendezvous 1

Reach Rendezvous 1 point. Land to a planet and use scaner to find exact place.

Phase 2

Mission 1 – Rendezvous 2

Reach Rendezvous 2 point on Zydnoyer X system. On the way to it, you can visit Umanta system, controlled by pirates, and finish mission 3

Mission 2 – A Freighter Blighted

Follow the marker, then search direction with visor. You will find crashed freighter on the ground. Read the story from main computer and search cargos, until you found next 2/3 Pirate Map fragment.

Mission 3 – Lawless Sky

Visit any system, controlled by pirates. For example Umanta system on the way to Redezvous 2 point.

Mission 4 – Coveted Suns

Collect 16 Gravitino balls. You can get Gravitino balls on a planet with Aggressive Sentinels in Madyge system – closest red star to Yukotyli – Rendezvous pont #1.

Mission 5 – Emerald Dreams

Visit a green star system. You need to summon The Space Anomaly and purchase Emeril drive or Indium Drive blueprints, and craft them to be able to visit green star. Elements can be mined, or obtained from Suspicious Packet (Technology) on pirate stations.

Phase 3

Mission 1 – Rendezvous 3

Reach Rendezvous 3 point. Ancient Ruins on planet Mida 88/G4 System Oweslie-Wagos XIV. Easy and simple.

Mission 2 – Submerged

Deploy a Submarine. Build a Nautilon Chamber underwater (you will get blueprint on previous stage as a reward). You can do it even on Rendezvous 2 system, Planet Xahili.

You will need:

  • 5 x Metal Plating
  • 4 x Crystal Sulphide (open scaning mode underwater to find it in big rocks)
  • 100 x Salt

All this components can be obtained underwater.

Mission 3 – The Last Piece

Locate the final map fragment of Pirate Map.

Board your ship, select mission, press “C” to scan – you will get the route to a lost ship with last fragment. Reach it and get last 3/3 Pirate Map fragment

Mission 4 – Leagues Under The Sea

Reach ocean depth: 80u below sea level.

Just dive deep enough. You will do it during digging for treasures on next mission.

You can do it even on Rendezvous 2 system, Planet Xahili.

Mission 5 – Sunken Antiquities

Acquire an aquaric treasure from underwater ruin

Easy and simple – select mission, enter Nautilon, press “X”, use Nautilon High-Power Sonar and “scan for submerged ruins”, follow to ruins, get treasure.

To build Nautilon’s High Power Sonar you will need:

  • 1x Solar Mirror (you can get blueprint on the Space Anomaly)
  • 3x Crystal Sulphide
  • 50x Ferrite Dust

You can do it even on Rendezvous 2 system, Planet Xahili

Phase 4

Mission 1 – Rendezvous 4

Reach Rendezvous 4 – just follow the path and enter Ancestral Vault

Mission 2 – Boundary Failure

Eliminate 25 sentinels – You will obviously do it to the end of expedition. If not – just land to planet with aggressive sentinels and start mining – you will get a lot of them.

Mission 3 – Counterfire

Steal a Sentine Pillar Multi-Tool. Destroy 3 nodes around pillar and access it’s console. You can find the pillar by defeating all 5 waves of sentinels and obtaining sentinel map, or by finding a teleport to someone’s base near pillar.

Mission 4 – Blue Expanse

Visit a Blue star – you will neeed Indium Drive to reach any Blue star. You can get blueprints on the Space Anomaly and Emeril – on any green star.

Mission 5 – Treasure Hunt

You need to reach Rendezvous 4 to activate it.

After you get all 3 Parate Map fragments, you can create full Pirate Map in your inventory, and activate it to plot a route to “pirate’s treasure”. This will leads you to some portal. After you enter it, follow to next route point. There you will need to dig 3 crates with keys and open primary chest.

You will recieve a ot of rare activated minerals, and Portal Glyph set as a reward.

Phase 5

Mission 1 – Rendezvous 5

Reach rendezvous 5 point – Easiest. You will do this automatically by following the Pirate Map mission in Phase 4.

Mission 2 – Enlistment

After you get your Freighter, you can manage squadrons on it’s control panel. First you need to unlock slot for wingman (with nanites). Next you need to find any NPC pilot on space station or planet trade center, talk with him and recruit him.

Mission 3 – Galactic Defender

Shot down 32 pirates. Pirates are often encounter, so it’s easy to hit this number early, or take “hunt pirates” missions.

Next missions are closed until you rech Rendezvous 5:

Mission 4 – Intergalactic

Leave The Galaxy. After you get Pirates Treasure, recharge your hyperdrive, fly to the space, press X and select Galaxy Map – in opened map you will see route to galaxy core. Select it and warp to a new galaxy. You will recieve Base Computer blueprint as a reward.

Mission 5 – Breadcrumbs

Establish a foothold in a new galaxy. Select a free place in a new galaxy, buld Base Computer, build a base, upload it.

That’s it, now just collect all bounties from all completed missions and phases!

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  1. I have an issue with the Liberation quest, I just got the game so don’t understand how everythin works but I’ve explored multiple systems and looked around multiple freighters and no pirates… Am i doing something wrong?

    • pirates attack is a usual event. Just activate the mission and try to jump to another system. You can also check on Galaxy Map if the target system has high pirate activity.

  2. Guys, i need some help here. I cant find the rendevous points… i traveled 30k lightyears along the the road but found nothing. how far is that point?

    • it is a few systems from the start.
      Just activate the mission and in Galaxy Map select Mission target.
      You can also use the teleport on any space station and jump to one of players portal which has some “rendezvous” in it’s name.

  3. *** RENDEZVOUS 1 ***
    1. Land at Quest location on planet.
    2. Open visor scanner (press F) and switch to “Target Sweep Mode”. Visor may tell you its too far but travel in that direction. I traveled about 1,200u.
    3. Location should be an Outpost.

    • Yes, exactly. Or just fly around for a place with most message drones (remember it’s community expedition)

  4. Phase 2 – Mission 3 – Lawless Sky
    Help I can not find a system with pirates! Did everything else.

    • visit Umanta system between Rendezvous 1 and 2. Pirate systems also have pirate symbol instead of race on Galaxy Map.

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