The Last Faith – How to Upgrade Weapons

How Much Ore Is Needed to Upgrade a Weapon to Max

If you complete Dorothea quests (the hanging witch lady that sells dark spells) before fighting ladak. You can buy unlimited special weapon ore from her.

And once you turn in the first 3 blueprints to the blacksmith, you can by unlimited normal weapon ore.

So basically you can upgrade as many weapons as you want provided you complete dorothea’s quest, as long as you farm the souls to buy the ore and pay the upgrade weapon cost…

It takes 31 demishade ores to max a “special weapon” at +10

Note: Also, technically you can compare weapons yourself without wasting resources.

You need 31 Upgrade Ore, all four blueprints, and roughly 200k souls to max a weapon.

If you save > fully upgrade weapon and write down stats > quit to title > reload save. You get all your resources back, because upgrading weapons doesn’t cause an autosave to happen.

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