The Last Faith – Tips for Puzzle: The Casket with 4 Blood Goblets

The Location

If you go to the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress from the first teleport altar (Ruined Outpost) go to the left, all the way down, and to the left again and you’ll find the room. At least, there is a large altar with 4 figures holding golden goblets and a stone casket beneath them.

The Tip

If there is any tip I can give you, smash ALL walls…. there are so many breakable walls all over the damn place. The blood goblet unlocks are all behind breakable walls.

The Final (Spoilers!)

That leads to a treasure room of sorts with the following:

  • 2x Demishade Ore
  • 3x Lunar Power
  • 1x Katana that scales Str E, Dex C, Mind E
  • 5x Edelweiss Pastelles (frost cure)
Written by dustin1280

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