The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure – How to Port Vita-Exclusive Quests to PC

A mod that ports over the Vita-exclusive quests to the PC version.

Azure Vitality – Evolution Quests


Just like in Trails from Zero are a number of quests that are only present on the PS Vita version (Evolution). So I ported ’em over (The number is five here too by the way).


Download the latest release (can be extracted with for example 7zip) and merge the data/ directory into the game files. The game directory is normally at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure, or you can find it by right-clicking the game and choosing Manage » Browse local files.

The Quests

I won’t give any walkthrough for the quests themselves; find a different guide for that.

  • Illicit Trade Stakeout: Talk to Grace outside the IBC in chapter 2, day 2.
  • Introduction to Crossbell: Talk to the guardsman outside the SSS in chapter 2, day 3. Note: missable if you visit the graveyard.
  • Searching the Forest: Talk to Commander Sonya in Bellguard Gate after finishing Runaway Vehicle Pursuit in chapter 3.
  • Temporary Theme Park Job, part 2: From the computer at the start of chapter 4.
  • Bringing Home the Bakery: From the computer at the start of chapter 4.
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  1. i was under the impression that this version and the zero version released last year included the kai exclusive stuff, i guess for some reason they didnt include the quests

    • Yes, this version is based on Kai. Source: “The short of it is that the most recent Falcom version – PS4 Kai – is the source for this port.”
      But Kai lacks some, and most likely all, Vita/Evo features. Source: “Some background: the Japanese-only Vita “Evolution” version of the game features dynamic character sprite shadows in some scenes. These do not exist in any other version of the game, and we had access to neither the source nor assets used in this particular version.”

    • Yes, this PC version is based on Kai, the PS4 version, which includes for a couple of familiar faces from Cold Steel. Evolution, the PS Vita version, includes a couple of other features, including these quests. I do not know why these are not included in Kai or this PC version.

      • oh, i didnt know zero and ao also had evo versions similar to sky. thank you for answering me!

        • No, they don’t really affect anything outside of the quests themselves. One small exception is Introduction to Crossbell , because there’s no need for Klaudia to introduce herself to Tio if they have already met during that quest. And of course the lingering question about Illicit Trade Stakeout ( why were Sigmund and Shirley at the IBC?), which could be construed as slight foreshadowing. But mostly they’re just fun moments.

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