The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure – Missable Fishing Quest

Missable Fishing Quest Warning

So I’m someone who gets satisfaction from playing the game blind and finding as many secrets as I can (which probably isn’t many). You could also follow a guide for the whole thing which for me is about as much accomplished as watching someone play on youtube instead.

The main fishing quest of this game is a nice idea, fishing feels more important and rewarding than other Trails games I’ve played. But, I’ve got complaints about it. I’m going to word this with sensitivity to spoilers, but honestly, I think anyone who hasn’t played through yet would be better off with a little spoiler than the disappointment I had.

I beat 2/4 anglers and caught 26 fish without needing any help, thought I was doing well. Couldn’t initiate the last 2 duels, assumed there was either a fishing spot not yet discovered, or needed to wait for a rod. So I was patient. Big mistake!

Gripe 1) The Angler at Mainz pond has requirements that are not helpful considering the only way to get information on fish is to catch them at least once. The fish you need is rare, so to figure this out yourself you need about 100x each bait so that you can try each combination at each fishing spot 5-10 times until you ‘probably’ caught any rare species! Or I can just tell you:

  • You need to catch a different carp variety from the boat house, using deluxe dumplings. I had to fish for it 6 times in a row before I caught the right one. And you can be sure I would have tried that bait at that spot at least twice prior!

Gripe 2) The timeout on the quest is totally without warning. I had to look online for what I missed and then restart almost the whole chapter to pull it off. Want to know how long you have?

  • After the geofront section in Chapter 4

Missables in Trails games is fine, and chasing achievements isn’t even part of the original game design. But this side-story just feels a bit too major to be so missable; even the most casual players would probably put reasonable effort into beating the Imperial Fishing Club. So it’s pretty frustrating they decided to make it virtually impossible to complete without either a guide or a good dose of pot-luck-in-a-shell.

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