The Long Drive – The Fury and Why It’s Not an Easy Car

Do you like money pits? I sure do.

Your “Dream” Car

You drive by a diner so fast that the vehicles and items are not loaded into the world. You finally see a Fury at the fuel pump. It is up to you to find enough fuel, oil, and water laying around for a test drive.


It’s the worst test drive in your life. The cars wheels let up from the power of a 3×2 carbureted V8 from the era of peak American lifestyle and the emerging freedom of living outside the city that you would work. The car barely reaches 1/2 mile before the car loses all power.

How could this be? The peak of American engineering only to not last? The answer is simple; the big power of the engine for the car was never meant to be run hard. It made enough power as it did to move a heavy vehicle in the most pleasant way. Thanks to your keyboard, the only imput is full throttle all the way. Impossible you would think, the car never went any faster than 100. That is not true. The car is American. Before cars were globalized they were all in Imperial. Miles and Gallons were the measurements.

Some typical speed limits and measurements.

  • 200KPH is 124MPH.
  • 100KPH is 62MPH.
  • 80KPH is 50MPH.
  • 60KPH is 37MPH.
  • 40KPH is 25MPH.

The speed limit from the Golf is 180kmph or 112mph.

The measurement of speed is less precise in MPH. For a heavier vehicle, precision is important.

What Needs to Be Done

The V8 the Fury has is high power. High power needs high cooling. For example the diesel engine trucks and bus have huge radiators for the engines they have. The difference is they have large engines that make slightly more power than a typical car engine. So to maximize the power and potential of the V8, we do need a much better if not cleaner radiator.

A different option is swapping out the V8 with smaller car engine. The drawback is little because now the car can actually travel far. The V8 without a controller to throttle the engine will always burn rubber. Most users are keyboard warriors, that is to be expected. Even with the expected weight of the car the engine produces too much power. With a 76L fuel tank, you can go anywhere.

The last option is to just take the V8 and save it for later. Now how is that possible? Well it is. With the power of baskets you first place the V8 engine on the roof of your car or something with space, and lodge a basket under before pressing G to attach to the car. Anything that is touching the basket will be connected to the basket to the car. The V8 is the most powerful engine in the game, and honestly is too valuable to be abandoned at this time.

The Gifts It Brings

The V8 engine is the expected end goal for truck drivers. It’s the most powerful engine but for it’s power it’s the most efficient in the class. The power of the engine is too much for any car. The Fury itself is a good car for long distance travel. In the end though I would think it’s an upgrade to the trunk wheel model colliding Dacia.

It’s heavy enough to tow big trailers if you have the small wheels to level them down to the hitch. The Fury itself is a good car but before you can restore it again, you will have to find parts for it as well. The radiator for it is bad and finding a good radiator for it is easier than you would know.

Until then, the engine itself is the most valuable piece of the car.

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