The Long Drive – How to Attach a Fridge in Your Bus or on Your Truck

How to attach your fridge inside your bus or on the flatbed of your truck.

The Problem

Basically, all your items belong into baskets. And baskets belong attached to your vehicle. That way, they don’t fly around when you play with the physics in the game.

But there are objects that don’t fit into baskets, like your fridge. And if you decide to carry a fridge around on the flatbed of your truck, or inside your bus, you’ll notice that this challenges the physics engine to weird stuff, especially also when you load your save.

But fear not, there is a way to attach big stuff on your car. It’s just not obvious, and probably not supported.

How It Works

So, how does it work?

Usually, when you attach a thing to another thing, the thing that is already there becomes the “parent thing”, or “primary thing”. That means, when that primary thing moves, the other thing is moved with it, and no additional physics is calculated.

This happens with attaching (G key) and also with stuff put inside your fridge or inside baskets.

But the game doesn’t let you attach a fridge to the floor.

You can attach a basket to the floor, and put the fridge’s edge inside to freeze it there, but this looks weird (although hilarious). And the bottom of the basket doesn’t freeze.

But luckily there is a solution.

  1. You put the fridge to where it should be.
  2. You drop a basket on the floor very close to the fridge. It’s important that the floor of the fridge and the floor of the basket are at the same height.
  3. And now to the tricky part: move the mouse to the edge of the basket close to the fridge. Press F to pick it up, and make sure to keep the mouse steady.
  4. Move the mouse very slightly to the fridge, and press G to attach. The basket clips halfway into the fridge, but that should be no problem.
  5. And now to the unique part. Usually, with items attaching to other items, the attached item becomes “secondary”, and if you pick it, it gets removed. To move the whole thing, you have to move the “primary” object. But the combination fridge-basket is unique. When attaching the basket to the fridge, the fridge does not become primary, but secondary object, thus making the basket primary object. That means, you can pick up the basket (including the fridge), AND ATTACH IT AGAIN , this time to the floor. So, press F over the basket, don’t move the mouse, and press G again to attach it. Since this has all happened at the same floor height, there is no clipping into the floor. Everything looks like it’s supposed to look, except the basket sticking half out of the fridge, but, I can live with that.

Now your fridge is attached to the floor and won’t bother you again with physics glitches.

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