The Long Drive – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here is the collection of tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks

  • When filling liquids from one container in another, you not need to open or tilt the giving container.
  • When you are at a bus stop, save and load again, this can spawn up to 4 vehicles. This can cause lag and/or crash of the game, if the vehicles spawn in each other.
  • The mansion (house with fence around) has a secret room behind a painting in the upper floor. Just turn it to the side and you get access to the room and the right of the shelfes in the library.
  • Walk in a wall and jump (space key) fast to climb up the wall. Work even with bookshelves in the mansion, but bad. Use better a long wooden board there.
  • If your car has no bench to sleep (like my golf caddy), place one where you can use them and it stay when the car is moving. The bench I have use here is the one with the cutouts on the sides, it is a bit shorter and fit well on the back of the caddy. In vehicles like the bus or truck you can use other items, up to a full bed in a truck with bunker compartment.
  • You can add a front light bumper on the rear bumper position of your car to have light on the back side. Aditional I have used spotlights in baskets to light the sides, the engine and the back of the car for better visibility in the night. Like that you can’t loose your car in the dark, you not need a flashlight to work there and the light in the car let you see the displays of speed and other infos, who strangely are not lighted when you turn on the headlights of the car.
  • If you want to use the hose (not a snake), prepare everything (exept the snake) and save the game, then use it. If it glitch, load the save again and the hose will be ok again (always have min. 2-3 Hoses in your car, if one get lost). Atached stuff near the fueltank can cause the hose to fall off or start to glitch (not moveable/useable, endless stretchable).
  • A 80 liter barel can barely be lifted with 72 liters of fluid in it (I have not test where are the point to not liftable).
  • Paint spraycans can be mixed into new colors (a info I have hear, not tested)
  • polish spray and ammo boxes can be filled/emtied by using another spray/box. Spray kan take up to 20 uses, ammo limit is on the box visible (like 36 for the revolver ammo).
  • Baskets are the glue for big objects, like a sled. Connect it to the basket and you can atach it to your car with “g”.
  • Car radios work even unatached and you can place it in your inventory. For custom music find the silver radio who can use am 1080 (plymouth fury) and turn on “custom radio” in settings – misc (at the bottom). Useable are ogg, wav and mp3 files in the folder you can see there, but mp3 can cause short freezes when the track change, even when the radio is off. The freezes usual yeet items you carry away from you if you walk or drop it, so be carefull or use wav.
  • Pysics lock on whole interior freeze all objects on your car, except wheel covers, mirrors, headlights and headlight covers.
  • If you are on a street who go down, you can turn of the engine and save fuel (if needed).
  • Best source for fuel are ships, but they are different and often have more of one liquid as the other.
  • Ships, watch tower an radiotower are placed in paralel lines over the world
  • if you loose the street, drive in direction northwest or northeast, without the compass use the sun as help.
  • The cooler of the plymouth fury (the one who can hold 20 liter) is the best in the game, on small cars it loose no water.
  • The aladin magic lamp can be rubbed with alt+rmb. It will change the texture into stained glass and will give light for a short time. The light even work if inactive stored in the inventory.
  • You get endless water if you drink from an container, wlile peeing in the opening. Your fluid level is on maximum and slowly the container fill with water.

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