The Lost Village – Herb Garden and Aura Bottle Guide

Herb Garden

Herb Garden is the building were up to 2 disciples work to plant, grow, water, and recollect the spiritual herbs of the Fields.

Right now the research Repair II expand the range of the herb garden:

  • Black Lanes Basic Range.
  • White Lanes Expanded Range.
  • Spiritual Field is were you growth the spiritual plants and you have to fulfill 3 requisites:
  • Fertility: Fields uses spirit stones to refill the fertility of the field. (Ginkgo decoration increase the fertility within range)
  • Watering: Each field use 10 water/year plan your wells according to this.
  • Aura: Aura bottle increase the aura of the plant increasing the age of it.

Well Produces water when the disciple is working on it so make sure you overproduce for the time when the disciple is resting.

You can upgrade it up to level 3 (moon statue increase the productivity by 20% up to 4 (+80%).

Now time to go to the RNG part.

Aura Bottle

Aura Bottle generates Aura mist on a random point within range increasing the aura of the spiritual plants. (hope the pictures helps to understand how it works).

Early game setup for Aura bottle before you get decorations or herb garden expanded range.

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