The Matchless Kungfu – Newbies Tips

Tips for Beginners

Level up your Qingong(jumping), at higher levels, you can double and triple jump. The double and triple jump skills are locked behind “Enlightenment stone” in certain land tiles. One is a desert area with tall pillers, you need to parkour to the very top.

Train “fly on water” by jumping on water and train “fly on snow” by jumping on snow. Together, those two skills half your stamina consumption on running and jumping.

Inner arts/Meridian skills are divided into four categories:

  • Sun/Fire
  • Moon/Frost
  • Gu/Venom
  • Harmony

Read the descriptions carefully, for example Art of Marrow refining, Heart burning spell and Art of Heartflame are all Fire inner spells. Stacking those three inner arts will give you 5 stacks of Sun/Fire meridian bonus for a total of 250% bonus damage to Fire related skills. Same goes for other elements and their related skills. The skill cards will tell you which elements they’re attuned to, if they are attuned to one.

  • Upon level up, pick damage boost, ignore the Chi boost as you can get items that boost your Chi relatively easily. Picking Vigor is a good second option but I’d go for damage always.
  • The Martial art moves you get in combat (Fist, Palm, Weapon, Hidden weapon, Leg etc.) are influenced by the skills you have equipped.
  • If you have skill cards with 5 fists, 3 weapons and 2 palms equipped, you will roll fists 50% of the time, weapon 30% of the time and palm, 20% of the time.
  • Therefore, the optimal combat strategy is to focus on two move types – one primary type and second one should counter the move that counter your primary move.
  • For example, if your Primary move is Sword/Weapon, Leg moves will counter you, therefore you pick Fist as your secondary. Heat/Fire Sect specializes in Weapon + Fist so it’s a good idea to learn their arts.
  • A good way to earn NPC favor is to teach them “Fly on Snow”/”Fly on water skills” or any other skills you may find harmless. So they don’t back stab you later on with powerful moves.

If you’re looking for a place to bulk sell, look for merchant ships, open up your map and look for little red boat icons in water. Not every ship has Money but when they do they’ll have upwards of 60,000 coins.

Once you reach a Guru in skill, the game will say reaching higher level is “Secret of x family”. No one knows how that works atm but you can bypass it by talking to any NPCs with a profession about your profession. Everytime you do, you get 5% xp, so you talk 20 times to get to next level.

You can learn almost all of a Sect’s skill by befriending the sect leader/elders and asking them to teach you. This is helpful if you’re short on money to buy the manuals.

Combat tutorial may be confusing with MTL translation but the basics:

  • You can only chain moves of the same type
  • Picking four moves of the same type will give you two more of that type
  • Picking three different moves will give you two more random moves
  • Omni move (green circle) will let you chain different moves
  • Defensive move let you keep up to two moves you chain into the next round

Majority of your damage will come from skills so prioritise activating those skill cards by getting the right moves than worrying about countering your opponent. Also take a note of point 3) above and get those meridian bonuses, otherwise you won’t be doing much damage.

Also find a wooden dummy ASAP and train your technique to Guru. That’s when you unlock all the extra moves to make chaining combat possible. If you choose Bodyguard profession, the tutorial NPC will give you the dummy, otherwise, join a sect.

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