The Mortuary Assistant – 100% Achievement Guide

This is an achievement guide for The Mortuary Assistant!

Achievement Guide

My First Body
Complete the tutorial.

This will be the first achievement you will get, basically just make sure you don’t opt out of the tutorial. Do pay attention during this as the mechanics of the game can be hard to grasp without it.

Flying Solo
Complete your first body in the main game.

As the achievement says, embalm the first body during your shift by following the checklist on your clipboard.

It does nothing…

At the computer in the Embalming room click on the computers “Turbo” button to the left of the monitor

Our Secret Below
Enter the storage room.

To reach this door you must first get to the basement. Check the achievement “Six Feet Under” to see how to get there. After you can access the basement, you will need a key that can be found in the third drawer of the Embalming room (under where you find the ID card for the computer password) you will have to move one of the paper pieces to see it. After that head down into the basement and open the door on the far right with that key! (Going through the story here also makes you eligible for the basement ending if you get the body correct)

I ain’t afraid of no ghost
Get right back to work.

After experiencing a ghost event, get right back to work.

Let Me In
Fail to banish the demon.

Just get the body wrong, will most likely get this on your first run.

Throw The Vase
Throw the red vase.

This can’t be done in the tutorial. Once you enter the game, just throw the red vase on the table of the front room.

The Phone’s Dead!
Try to use the phone during the start of the game.

On your first shift (will have to erase data if you’re past this point): When you finish with your phone call with Mr. Denver you can click on the phone again.

10/10 Immersion
Would immerse again.

Flush the toilet in the bathroom

I Survived
Beat the game once.

Basically just get the body correct (4Head). If you’re struggling with the tells id recommend checking out this guide.

What helped me a lot is the fact that you can get cremation bags in the cremation room and pick up ashes from the cremation machine which can then be placed on the stomach of any body, using the matches found in the entrance room to the right of the bathroom you can get the family sigil carved.

Speed Run
Beat the game in under 45 minutes

It seems like you don’t have to get the body correct for this achievement, I managed to get this after embalming two bodies and burning one with the correct sigil but the body was wrong.

Just Give In
Become possessed for the first time.

I have read online this achievement is supposed to be unlocked after completing the game over ending by running out of time, taking your time, doing all the embalms and witnessing as many ghost events without burning a body should get you this

However after doing that once I did not get the unlock, it might be bugged…

Six Feet Under
Open the outside hatch.

You have to wait for an event where a hatch spawns in the cremation room, once you enter that you will encounter stone demons, you will have to open their mouths and six of them will have a number on their head representing one of the digits of a code.

After you get out of the event you will be able to use this code to open a key safe in a drawer opposite the entrance to the Embalm room. This code has remained the same to me for every run so you might be able to just do it without the event using 197044.

The Mortician
Get all endings.

You have to get through all the endings of the game. This guide goes through the endings.

I Know You
Beat the game without embalming all bodies.

Focus on getting the sigils of the demon from the very start, you should be able to deduce what the name is from only 2 bodies as you should have 3 sigils at that point and you can get the last one from the computer. Then just try your best at getting the correct body without embalming the last one, make sure the mark is on that body.

All The Pieces
Experience all major story events.

Basically just play the game, and get through a few shifts and you should have this, the events can happen at random times so it’s just about letting enough time to see them all.

Get Rebecca’s ending.

Pick up the coins in your house before the shift, they can be found in the drawers near the tv, you will have to open a folder for it.

This can only be done if an event spawns where Rebecca is hanging herself with her hands out. Place the coins in her hands.

Then, just finish the shift burning the correct demon.

I’m DJ Two-Shades
Listen to all DJ Two-shades clips.

While in Rebecca’s house before leaving for a shift, listen to the radio for a long time and let it play through all of it’s clips.

No Way Out

On your first shift after speaking to Mr. Denver on the phone proceed to get the first body, bring it back to the Embalming room. There will be an event where the body moves and freaks out Rebecca after this happens run for the door. You will move much slower, but get to the main entrance, open the door and run to the gate and try to open it, then run to the car and try to drive away, then run towards the fence and try to climb it

Well Preserved
Embalm 100 bodies

Just as the achievement says, just going to take some time

Light Em UP!
Burn 50 bodies in the retort.

Just as the achievement says, just going to take some time

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  1. You can get the “Let me in” and “Just give in” together in one shift. You don’t have to burn a body to get “Let me in”. I just played a shift where I enbalmed all 3 bodies but did nothing else. I didn’t look for sigils and I only stopped working on a body if some spook event had to happen. After enbalming the third body I just put it back in cold storage and waited.

  2. I unlocked “Closure” without the coins. I took Rebecca’s dad’s necklace. At a certain point, the body I was embalming turned into her father. I placed the necklace around his neck, and after a few seconds, he vanished. Later, when I banished the demon with the correct body, the associated scene with Rebecca’s father played, and the achievement unlocked. Just a heads up! I think there’s two ways to unlock it.

  3. “Speedrun” can be done even faster than the guide here tells you. I started a shift, took one of the bodies and immediately burned it. Took me less than 2 minutes.

  4. I managed to get the closure ending without the coins. There is another event where Rebecca’s father will appear on the gurney and you can place the necklace from the same box of coins around his neck. Once I burned the right body the closure ending unlocked.

  5. For anyone having trouble getting the “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” achievement – it is unlocked at the same point that the “No Way Out” achievement is unlocked, except instead of running out of the funeral home, just continue embalming the body and don’t exit the room.

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