The Perfect Tower II – Halloween Event Guide

This year’s Halloween Event is much more elaborate than previous years, as Dr. Cub- err… Dr. Pumpkical, has discovered a brand new scary Halloween Island for you to build a spooky tower on! You collect pumpkins, blood, and souls from Tower Testing, and use them to complete quests and obtain rewards.

Guide to Halloween Event

Accessing the Event

Before anything else, you must be at least Military Tier 1 to get access to the event. This is so new players don’t get too confused immediately.

Once you are there, you will see a ship button at the left side of your screen. In addition, the spooky Ghost Ship will have appeared docked at the Shipyard. Clicking either of these will take you to the Halloween Island.

The event will end on November 7th, so make sure you complete it before then!

Spooky Tower

When first arriving, the island will be empty. Clicking the pumpkin icon on the left side will let you enter the Spooky Tower.

Spooky Tower at Level 4 with lots of bats and graves.

Upon entering, you will be met with a menu with 5 tabs: Quests, Spooky Tower, Pumpkins, Blood, and Souls.

  • The Quests tab is very simple. Complete the listed objectives, and you will have completed the event.
  • The Spooky Tower tab is where you upgrade the Spooky Tower itself. There are 4 levels, and each level gives 3 event exclusive Town Assets to decorate the main Town.
  • The Pumpkins tab is where you spend Pumpkins you earn from Tower Testing. You unlock Blood, Soul, and Factory Pumpkin collection here.
  • The Blood tab is where you spend the blood you’ve drained from enemies in Tower Testing.
  • The Souls tab is where you spend the souls you’ve reaped from enemies.

Edit 1:

After Build 2, there are new upgrades. The x1.01 per Bat Pumpkin upgrade is the best upgrade, with Blood and Souls auto collects second. Get these 3 ASAP, you will thank me later.

Halloween Resources

The main resource of the event is the Pumpkins, which you get in Tower Testing. Every time the wave counter at the top changes, there is a small chance that a bouncing pumpkin will spawn. Clicking on it will give you Pumpkins. Only 1 pumpkin can be on the map at a time, so click it as fast as you can!

Blood must be unlocked from the Pumpkin tab in the Spooky Tower. Once unlocked, simply killing enemies will give you their blood. Easy and simple.

Souls also must be unlocked from the Pumpkin tab. Unlike Blood, Souls require you to equip #darkness tagged modules on your blueprint to collect them. Equip as many as you can to maximize the amount of Souls you get.

For you math nerds, the exact chance of getting Souls on a kill is 1-((1-c)^x)%, where c is the chance you get per module (1% to 20%) and x is the number of #darkness modules you have equipped.

Not to mention, there are a second kind of Pumpkins that are exclusively for Factory. Also must be unlocked in the Pumpkin tab, and are acquired the same way as normal Pumpkins, clicking on the bouncing pumpkin in Tower Testing.

These Factory Pumpkins are used to make Pumpkin Producers, which automatically generate normal Pumpkins (at a very slow rate). Do note that the Pumpkins Producers are not affected by most producer bonuses, and are only affected by the Power Plant’s timeboost.

If you have the Factory Specialization Military Perk, you can also plant Factory Pumpkins to automatically receive them as well. Be sure to timeboost Factory in Powerplant so they are done growing much faster!

Finally, there are 3 other, non-spendable(?) resources. Pumpkin Bricks, Bats, and Graves. All 3 give a minor resource bonus, and require you to reach a certain amount of Pumpkins, Blood, and Souls respectively.

Pumpkin Bricks are used to upgrade the Spooky Tower in the titular Spooky Tower tab. Bats and Graves decorate the outside, and are used to unlock the Town Assets in the Spooky Tower Tab.

12 Pumpkin Bricks, 50 Bats, and 30 Graves are required to complete the event.

The End

So what do you get for completing the event? An event exclusive Shadow Achievement and artifact.

While the achievement does not count to the resource conversion rate, as all secret Shadow Achievements are not required, the artifact gives a +5% bonus to resource gain in Tower Testing.

In case you have missed the event, don’t worry! Next Halloween will give you another shot at the achievement and artifact.

The Pumpkin Artifact

Now behave this Halloween, or Dr. Pumpkical will curse you to forever see the UwU Pumpkin in your nightmares.

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  1. Do the auto collects on blood and souls tabs collect the jumping pumpkins automatically for me?
    Or will I still have to sit here an manually click to collect them?

  2. When I go to the island there is nothing on the left, I can enter the tower but cannot click on anything as I have no resources. Why is this not intuitive / obvious.

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