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An item won’t move from my backpack to my locker (or vice versa)

Issue caused by respawn bug. Nothing in game should respawn, but sometimes they do anyway. Your item is a dupe of another item and the game won’t let you put both of them in the same inventory.

Put it through the recycler (NOT shredder) to give it a new id and remove other dupes of it, or use it to build/craft something else. To avoid this issue in future, don’t pick up items you know have respawned.

A seed in my backpack/locker has a lock icon on it

Issue caused by respawn bug. Harvest your food grower(s) and recycle the duped seed. (Don’t forget to replant afterward.) If the item is a flower seed, wait until the DNA Manipulator is done and the issue should solve itself.

Large pods do not snap properly to the top of other pods

They don’t. We don’t know why. Until it gets fixed, try using a temporary stack of 1×1 and snapping to the SIDE of those, then deconstruct them.

How do I set a supply command for algae and food?

You don’t need to. They auto-supply themselves. Just set a demand for them somewhere.

How do I upgrade my system to T2 drones?

Set your drone station(s) to supply T1 drones, set a locker nearby to demand them, and they will slowly be filtered out of the system. Or turn off auto-launch on rockets and wait for drones to idle.

Drones aren’t picking up ore from my extractors

Often observed in mega factory builds, usually with uranium. First double-check that your supply and demand are set correctly, save, and reload the game.

If that doesn’t fix it, do you have any idle drones? If yes, build a bunch more storage to demand the item. If no, build a bunch more drones to carry the item.

Drones will not fill the last slot of my trade rocket

This is a logistics bug. Reload your save. If this does not work, try taking an item out and putting it back in. Bug may occur repeatedly.

Where do I find the other crystals for procedural wrecks?

In procedural wrecks. Rescan the portal until you find a proc location that only requires pulsar to open. A blueprint for solar quartz is also rng loot from proc chests.

Where can I find my save files?


%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\MijuGames\Planet Crafter
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