The Planet Crafter – Things I Wish I Knew at the Start of the Game

I’m going to list all the little bits of info that I figured out but wish I knew at the start of Planet Crafter.

Level Up a Bit Before Exploring

Level up your oxygen and backpack before going into the wrecks. Build some drills, some heaters and plant a few plants in Vegetubes to start levelling up.

On my first play through I rushed straight into exploring wrecks and it took ages to get all the loot out because I was running in with little oxygen and a tiny backpack. Level these up a bit and exploring the wrecks becomes easier and safer as you don’t have to go back in as often to get all the loot.

You Can Mine for Iridium, Aluminium, Sulfur Ect.

It’s not immediately obvious but you can mine for iridium and other rare materials just by building an ore extractor in locations where they are naturally found.

Would have saved me heaps of time and effort if I’d known this up front!

Here is my Aluminium mine.

You can see if you are mining something special in the circle at the bottom.

You Can Find Flowers

Most plants are found as seeds in chests or in Vegetubes but you can find some just growing outside.

Trees Grow on Land but Tree Growers Need to Be Placed on Water

For some reason tree spreaders need to be placed on water but flower spreaders do not. The trees only grow on land so a lot of the tree spreader growing area is lost to water.

Build a Viewing Deck

Viewing decks are handy so you can see into the distance, find materials and find your way home.

I went up about 8 floors with my ladder system.

I can see clearly now the rain has gone!

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