The Suicide of Rachel Foster – Walkthrough Guide

A brief PC walkthrough of The Suicide of Rachel Foster. Your ending may vary.

Guide to Walkthrough


  • Read the notes by clicking through to gain some info on the story.
  • Meanwhile move forward every time it switches to the funeral umbrellas.
  • Once completed a cut scene will happen and the camera will shift to the casket.
  • A new cut scene will occur and a car is driving up a snowy road while the radio talks about the weather.
  • When the cut scene is done, you’ll be in a garage.
  • Feel free to look around but when you are ready to head in the only door that’s accessible.
  • Go up the stairs and explore.
  • In the back of the office area, the room opposite of where the American flag is on the first floor sits a voicemail machine on a desk – listen to it.
  • Play through the different voicemails and feel free to explore the office as it plays.
  • Afterwards, it’ll present the Map feature so for PC’s hit ‘M’ which will pull up the map and also close it.
  • With this map, you can find your ‘To-Do’ list which hints at what’s going.
  • A layout of the buildings to help navigate this gigantic layout.Once done head out to the main area to the right-hand side of the room and go up either staircase to the next floor where the wild designed carpet is.
  • Feel free to explore but eventually make your way to the back left of the red hallway and enter the ‘Master Suite’.
  • Head to the door in the back with the poster on it and open it, this was your old room.
  • Look around and pick up the key on the desk.
  • Look around a bit more and the phone should start to ring.
  • Pick it up and a cut scene will happen where a conversation will then begin
  • Follow the noise to the overlook and the shutters will blow off – click when the report icon appears.
  • Click through the conversation using your mouse and scroll button to pick/select options.
  • Afterward head down to where you began, the garage, and click on your car to start the phone call.
  • Go to the garage door and press the button – it will get stuck.
  • Another phone call happens and now begins the official day counter!

Day 1

  • You will wake up in the master suite and hop on the phone.
  • As this conversation happens walk down to the first floor.
  • Make your way through the office where the message machine is and head through the door left of it.
  • Head up the stairs, go through the kitchen double doors, take the first right, head down the stairs, and into the boiler room.
  • A phone call will occur, during it head to the three buttons between the furnaces.
  • When the call ends hit the button and the furnace will start, you’ll then hop back on the call.
  • Head to your room in the master suite.
  • Play the bass to trigger the next cut scene.

Day 2

  • When you wake up you will be on the overlook.
  • Hop on the call and click through the conversation.
  • Head to the kitchen and go to the left of the doors we used earlier to check out the pantry.
  • Report the moldy food.
  • Head to the freezer room right of the double doors and enjoy the moment of anxiety once you find the beans.
  • A cut scene will trigger where you will be locked in.
  • Get out by clicking the door again and head to microwave to cook your beans.
  • Use the microwave, cook them up and eat.
  • Afterwards you will be asked to start the inspection on the second floor by yourself.
  • Get ahead and make your way there.
  • Moldy floor/wall area.
  • Sealed door.
  • Head towards the ringing phone and pick it up when available to do so.
  • Click through the call and the day will end.

Day 3

  • When you wake up you are in your room, click through the call.
  • Head to the first floor and go to the staff area.
  • Opposite of where the broken TV, on the left-hand side of the wall, is a closet where on a shelf sits a flashlight you can pick up – do so.
  • Next to that same shelf is a crawl space, open it and click through the call.
  • Head through the crawl space and follow the red cables which will lead you removable grating which leads to a room in the garage that wasn’t accessible before.
  • Go through and pull the electrical board lever.
  • Click on the lipstick on the desk and click through the call.

Day 4

  • When you wake up you will be staring at a wall of clues, click through the call and report everything you see on the wall before you.
  • Next move down to desk and report everything with a piece of yellow tape below it.
  • Click through the call.

Day 5

  • You will wake up in a snow-covered area in a breezy forest somewhere with a mans voice talking.
  • In the distance is red smoke, head to it.
  • You will be moving slowly so the conversation can play out, reach the fire and the next day will begin.

Day 6

  • When you wake up you are in the kitchen of the master suite, click through the phone call.
  • Head to room ‘117’, room with green tape above handle.
  • Report the latch on there and you will be prompted to get a screwdriver.
  • Head to the area in the garage where the level was and grab the screwdriver.
  • Go back to the room and unscrew the latch that keeps it closed.
  • Turn left and pick up the device on the desk.
  • On the desk in the middle of the room is a small TV, click on it and watch the video.
  • Stuff will occur and you will be on another call.

Day 7

  • When you wake up, Merry Christmas! You will be in the master suite and immediately hop on a call.
  • Head to the back near the cleaning supplies and locate the crawl space on the wall.
  • Go through and click through the call.
  • Use the sound device and locate the sound you keep hearing.
  • It will lead you to the ball room and behind the stage.
  • Open the door on the right and you will see a picture of the ballroom from back in the day.

Day 8

  • You will awake in a church that is attached to the property.
  • In my play through I went back to the property and a call eventually came through after wandering for a good minute, they re-directed me back to the church.
  • Thinking you can just stay in the church here but if not follow what I did above.
  • Explore the church and report different items located within.
  • Once done head back through the hallway and before you go up the stairs head to the left of them.
  • Access the crawl space on the wall.
  • Follow it to a room in the back.
  • Snag the key on the left-hand side bed table.
  • Head to Leonard’s Room.
  • Use the key to access the hockey music box on the right of the door.
  • Pick up the medal.

Day 9

  • When you wake up you are in front of the sealed door.
  • Head to the ‘Mezzanine’ [area where the staircase leads up to the floors above off the base floor where you check in].
  • Before you go up the stairs head to the left-hand side and look on the right where a craw space is hidden on the wall.
  • Access it and go through to find a creepy display of mannequins.
  • Go to the sealed room and now you can enter as the seal has been removed.
  • Head in and check out the radio transmitter.
  • Handle the phone call while you explore the grim discoveries.
  • Head to the room that is marked private in the back and head up stairs.
  • Snag the key off the checkered board then head to the projector and click on it.
  • Afterwards head to the garage and open the truck and pick up whats inside.
  • Go to the laundry room and use the sink on the far back right-hand side.
  • Click report and soon you’ll hear footsteps.
  • When you wake back up you’ll be in a car with a decision to make.

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