The Suicide of Rachel Foster – All Secret Dialogues

I believe many of you who played this game had this feeling, as if some parts of the story are missing. And then in the end we have it all at once. In fact, it happened because during the gameplay it’s so easy to miss lots of active object that give you more details about the story and reveal the characters a little bit more.

Guide to Secret Dialogues

Object List

Here’s the list of these objects:

Most of them are active on days 2 to 6, unless otherwise noted.

No spoilers, just the objects and their location.

  1. Esoteric books in the Leonard’s bedroom.
  2. Music box in the Leonard’s bedroom.
  3. The hall on the first floor (active only on day 4).
  4. Hockey team poster in the Nicole’s bedroom.
  5. Phone in the master’s suite or in the hall of the first or second floor.
  6. Leonard’s medicines.
  7. Leonard’s motorbike.
  8. Mom’s car.
  9. Financial records in the dad’s office (main floor).
  10. Mold on the second floor (there are 3 different dialogues): first – on the wall in the right wing, second – on the wall in the left wing, the last one – on the ceiling, right from the sealed door. (active only on day 2 before activating sealed door dialogue).
  11. Oven (in the kitchen in front of the microwave) active on day 6.
  12. Any window in the master’s suite (active only on day 8 after getting the inventory back).
  13. Old ski in the locker room.
  14. Tap in the laundry.
  15. Ladies’ restroom on the main floor (active only on day 6).
  16. Coin-op (active on day 6).
  17. Christmas tree (it’s hard to miss it, but if you ignore it and leave the room, the dialogue will be different. Generally, the idea of both dialogues is the same, but at the same time they’re completely different.).
  18. The cabinet in the museum on the second floor (active on day 7).
  19. The hand-shaped stain on the wall on the second floor near the stairs in the staff wing (active on day 7).
  20. The chains in the ballroom (active only on day 7 before finding the source of the noise).
  21. In the church (the lectern, the organ, the sleeping bags, the music sheets, the picture) active only on day 8.
  22. In the secret room explore the vent and the pink box before touching the key (day 8).
Written by L1nskoan

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