Don’t Starve Together – Webber Spider Tier List and Uses

In this guide I will tell you the best spiders and how to best use them in game!

Guide to Webber Spider Tier List and Uses

Chapter 1: Land Friends

There are two types of spiders on land, and the difference between them is enormous!

Number 1: Spiders (C tier)

Normal Spiders are very weak in combat ability. They only do 20 damage, have 100 health, which is the lowest out of all of your friend types. Plus they are stun lockable and are pretty slow. Yet, they are very easy to find. They are found in all levels of Silk Spider dens aswell as they spawn from big momma’s themselves.

Plus, if you use them for spider civil wars they are very good for resources getting. They have a 50% of dropping monster meat, 25% of Spide Glands, and 25% chance to drop silk.

Number 2: Spider Warriors (high A tier)

Unlike the dark week civilian brothers, Warriors are very good as offensive power, they are a must-have for the start of the game, and just overall. They have 400 health and have the same drops as a normal Spiders, but they have a special attack that makes them so much better, they have a jump attack, it is very helpful for catching and agroing fast mobs. Even though they do the same damage as the normal ones, they are not stunlockable. I do believe that Warriors are one of the best and easiest to get spiders in the game, they can be spawned from tier 2 to 3 Silk Spider Dens and the Queens, aswell as mutated into by a switcher doodle. And their doodles are daily cheap. Definitely suggest having at least 3 of them on you at all times!

Chapter 2: Underground Friends

Most of the cave spiders are sadly disappointing, yet there is one amazing one… Well, um. Read and Learn!

Number 1: Cave spiders (low B tier)

Cave spiders are pretty useless in my opinion. They sure have an upside that they can hide to protect themselves from 75% of damage, but they can’t attack during this time, and you are just better off making football helmets for your little friends than wait for this guy to crawl out of its shell. Does the same damage as a normal spider and has less health than a warrior. Same Loot.

Number 2: Spitter Spider (S tier)

Unlike their shelled brothers, spitters are one of the best spiders, they can attack on a distance with a projectile almost impossible to dodge, plus have only 50 less max health than a warrior, and do a lot of damage! They are just overall a very powerful teammate to have. Same Loot. Pretty cheap doodle.

Number 3: Dangling Depth Dwellers (low B tier)

They are just a worse Warrior with a more expensive doodle. The only way I can see them useful, and Very in this case, is the ruins. You get a heck lot of them in the ruins maze and can melt down enemies within seconds if you befriend them in huge amounts! Same Loot.

Chapter 3: Special Buddies

There are a few spider types that you can get in a special way and not just out of spider dens. But sadly like last time, only one of them is good, but very.

Number 1: Shattered Spider (B tier)

Shattered spiders are pretty useless in my opinion as well. It takes a lot of time and resources to get to them, and just them. Their Doodle is pretty expensive, and they ain’t that great. Even though their damage is buffed, they can be stunlocked. Plus their health is fairly lower than Warrior’s and they have a range attack. That’s pretty stupid. It has a huge miss range, so it’s like a bad shotgun, it does little damage, and I’d just only used against slow or immobile enemies. Same Loot

Number 2: Nurse Spider (high S tier)

This is without a doubt the best spider in the game. But they aren’t that good on their own, they are slow, have the lowest damage, pretty low health, and are just awful at combat. Why the heck are they the best, you may ask. Well, even though they are awful alone, but when paired with another spider(s) or a Webber(s) they become amazing. As the name suggests, these spiders main ability is to heal. They can heal all, hostile and friendly spiders for 150 heath, while Webber for 8. They can be an amazing addition to your army to help you fight long and strong. You must always have at least two and protect them at all costs (have them in your inventory) untill you plan to fight. Also their Doodle is very very cheap. Same Loot.

Number 3: Sea Strider (C tier)

In my opinion, they are pretty useless unless you want to fight crab king or the malbatross. Their only ability is to walk on water, so they are pretty weak in all other parts, just like regular spiders. Same Loot.

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