The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Welcome to Texas Chain Saw Massacre achievements guide.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Expected time to 100% = over 100 hours.

Most of the achievements are tracked in game, in the progression option in main menu under stats tab, you can go check your progress there.


Behind the Curtain

  • Get your first unlockable.

The very first achievement you’ll probably unlock, just play any match with any victim and you’ll unlock an outfit.

Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees

  • Spent first points in the unlock tree.

When you reach level 1 with any character you’ll unlock some tree points, just use them on any character you like on their skill tree, you will keep gaining those with every level increase.

Welcome to the Family

  • Execute your first victim.

Easily enough, just play family and kill any victim.

Lone Star

  • Reach level 5 with a single character.

Just dump some points you gain from each level to your fav character, victim or family, you might need to be profile level 5 to reach enough points.

First Blood

  • Execute the first victim in a match.

You need to get the first kill in a match, your best bet would be to play leatherface since he spawns in the basement with victims, do your best and hope to get lucky.

The Saw is Family

  • Reach family bond to maximum and keep it there for the whole match.

This basically mean get grandpa to level 5 and keep him like this to the end of the match, sissy can gather blood fast if you wanna rush it, careful though that victims can stab grandpa and reduce the level.

He was the greatest ever

  • Feed Grandpa 10 times in total.

You will get there eventually playing family, feeding grandpa is the key to detect victims and slow them down, just feed him 10 times in total.

Dog will Hunt

  • As Leatherface destroy 10 objects with your chainsaw (barricade, crawl space, door).

You will get this quiet fast, just play leatherface and destroy everything you can, there is even more than 10 in a single match, crawl spaces can be only destroyed when opened, and try to go for the wooden barricades to help the family roam better.

Tread Softly

  • Avoid being detected by Grandpa for a whole match.

Just stop moving anytime grandpa is active, you are give a warning 3 seconds before he starts his detection, you might wanna try to escape fast cause the second he reaches level 5 you will be detected regardless.

So Close…

  • Kill a victim within close range of an exit in any level.

Good thing about this achievement that the exit doesn’t have to be open, you just need to get the kill close to it, this includes both rear and front exits (with the generator or car battery), pressure gate exit and basement exit.

Makin’ Grandpa Proud

  • Achieve a perfect family win (killing all victims) on each map.

Kill all 4 victims on each map once, it doesn’t have to be all you, there are 3 of them, the time of day doesn’t count as extra map, gas station, family house, and slaughter house, you can see the name of the map in the lobby.

All Knowing

  • Track all family members in a single match.

You need to play Sonny, and use his ability to detect all 3 family members in the same match, its rather easy and you should get it fast.

I’m comin’ for ya

  • As Hitchhiker use one gap, crawl space and ladder in a single match

Exactly what the description is saying, you can only crawl through opened crawl spaces though.

Last Victim Standing

  • As last victim standing, survive for 3 minutes and escape in a single match.

Not exactly sure if you need to survive 3 min after you are the last victim or in total whole match, but just in case stay 3 min after you are the last one, your best bet would be to open an exit and hide on the opposite side of it so you are ready to escape and just wait there and hope they don’t level up grandpa fast.

Doing Well

  • Jump down a well 10 times in total.

Wells are scattered on every map and you’ll find yourself using them as victim frequently if you are in a rough spot, they are basically second chances that throw you back into basement, so you don’t have to worry about this one much.


  • As a victim escape a level without making any noise from collecting objects, traps, chickens, bone charms, doors.

Exactly what it says, don’t make any noise doing anything and escape, take note than opening blue basement door always generate noise so let someone else open them for you, and yeah keep an eye out for chicken.


  • Respec a characters unlock tree after reaching maximum level.

You get points playing anyone then you can dump them into any character (it doesn’t have to be the one you playing) keep doing so until you reach level 10 then you ”respec” them, it will reset the tree and level back to zero BUT you won’t lose any exp gained for perks and the character ability so don’t worry about your level 3 perks, you can do this as much as you can.

Bring it on

  • Win 4 close encounters as a victim in total.

Close encounter occurs when you bump into a family member and they are not in the animation of hitting you, you need to have a bone scarp on you to guaranteed win (you still have to spam F though), if you don’t have just spam F and hope that your stats will be enough to win.

Mine all Mine

  • Execute all four victims in a single match.

This one is pretty hard solo, you need to get the 4 kills in a match yourself, get a friend or 2 and coordinate with them to tell you when they see a victim, your best bet would be sissy or hitchhiker cause they can follow victims almost everywhere.

Can’t Hide from me

  • Analyze 5 victim footprints in total.

You can get this only playing Johnny, activate your ability to track footprints, you’ll find them glowing yellow on the floor if a victim passed recently.


Fully Focused

  • Use the focus ability to instantly unlock 10 doors in total.

You can get this only playing Connie, use her ability to instantly open locked doors using an unlocking tool 10 times, you will be vulnerable after using it for a few seconds.

I got one!

  • Catch a total of 5 victims in traps.

You can get this only with Hitchhiker, catch 5 victims in traps, you have 3 total, your best bet would be to put traps in areas where victims won’t suspect them, (right at top of a basement stairs, at the top of the ladder) near objectives maybe but not right on them cause they will probably check, they might eat the trap though if they don’t have the dismantle perk.

Our Hero!

  • Shoulder barge and stun 10 family members.

You can get this only with Leland, use his ability to stun the family members for a couple of seconds when you are next to them for a total of 10 times, using bone scarp doesn’t count.

Fighting Back

  • Successfully perform 3 sneak attacks against family members in total.

You can do this with any victim but you need bone scarp which is scattered around the map, the higher your toughness the higher is the stun time, you can only do it from behind the family (on their back), you can still do it if you circle around them in chase and get the right angle, careful though that maybe sometimes they know what you are trying to do and they’ll keep spinning around you.

Safe and Secure

  • Add extra locks to 10 doors in total.

You can get this only with the Cook, he have 3 extra locks per match, so you need 4 matches in total to get this, apparently removing the lock from the door and putting it back doesn’t count, you also can’t lock basement doors.

I hear you

  • Successfully spot 10 victims in total.

You can get this only with the Cook, activate his ability to hear and pinpoint any victim through walls, the catch here that the victim must be moving, keep trying and you’ll get it eventually, noise from generators can distract your hearing so do it away from these.

Be like Sally

  • Escape down the driveway after jumping out of the family house front window.

A reference to the 1974 film, and you can only get it on the family house map, any victim doesn’t matter, you need to jump through the window facing the driveway (the one with the generator exit) and escape through that exit, it would be easier to have a friend already kicking the generator for you while you go to jump, take a character with high health so you can endure the jump, otherwise you might have to recover.

Don’t Touch

  • Poison 15 victim pickups (Unlock Tool, Bone Scraps, health bottle).

You can get this only playing as Sissy, she starts with 3 charges and she can refill them with bowls of poison around the map, find any usual victim pickups and poison them to a 15 in total.

Powder Burns

  • Confuse two or more victims simultaneously.

You can get this only playing as Sissy, and you have to be really lucky, press her ability on the air to unleash a cloud of poison, your goal here is to hit 2 victims with it, it doesn’t have to be in the same second but the 2 of them must be affected the same time, i also heard that her M1 can also inflict poison so i don’t know if it counts yet.

What will be left of you?

  • Play 74 public matches.

For some reason if you get killed or escaped early and leave the match it will not count for the achievement, you have to stay the whole game for it to count, when leatherface is doing the chainsaw dance you are good to leave.

Team Player

  • Heal 4 teammates in total.

Find a teammate and heal him with the health pickups around the map 4 times, it doesn’t matter if he is full or not, if you are playing solo you can try to do it while they are busy doing something like lock picking so they don’t move.

Off to Market

  • Escape using each exit on the Slaughterhouse level.

Each map have 4 total escape exits in total

  1. Basement Exit (which requires a fuse)
  2. Pressure gate (which requires a valve handle)
  3. Front yard exit (usually with a generator)
  4. Backyard exit (usually with a car battery)

You need to escape from all of them atleast once, note that the basement and pressure gate are both timed for something like 30-45 seconds to stay opened, after that they will close and you have to reopen them.

Escape Artists

  • Achieve a perfect victim win (all victims escape) on each map.

This one can pretty hard if you are solo, cause you have no idea how much skilled your team are, you need to escape all 4 victims atleast once on every map (family house, slaughter area, gas station), your best bet will be to take a team and coordinate.

You spelt Champion wrong

  • As a family member kill a victim in under 30 seconds from the start of a match.

Go hard and get lucky, you can do it with only leatherface since he spawns with the basement, do your best and be aggressive and hunt the first victim you see fast, Connie usually have the least amount of health.


  • Perform the Gutted Like A Deer, Clobbered, Sliced Meat, Sticky End and Killing Tease executions as Leatherface, Cook, Hitchhiker, Johnny and Sissy.

Nowhere left to hide

  • As a victim hide in a freezer, locker, wardrobe, trunk and car trunk.

Simply enough, hide in all available hiding spots, freezers and lockers are in basement, wardrobe can be found on second floor family house, trunks are usually next to rear or front exit areas.

Now it’s my turn

  • Sneak attack all family members in a single match.

Can be a bit tricky but still doable, take your best victim with the best toughness, health, and perks that helps your stun and stamina, and just go bully the family i guess, you need to stab all 3 of them in their backs using bone scraps at least once in same match.


Outta Gas

  • Escape using each exit on the Gas Station level.

Each map have 4 total escape exits in total

  1. Basement Exit (which requires a fuse)
  2. Pressure gate (which requires a valve handle)
  3. Front yard exit (usually with a generator)
  4. Backyard exit (usually with a car battery)

You need to escape from all of them atleast once, note that the basement and pressure gate are both timed for something like 30-45 seconds to stay opened, after that they will close and you have to reopen them.

Serial Killer

  • Execute 100 victims in total.

It will take sometime but you’ll get there, you need to be the one who does the kill, im sitting at 35 hours at this moment and i have 25 kills and 50 escapes, so just keep playing.

Leaving Home

  • Escape using each exit on the Family House level.

Each map have 4 total escape exits in total

  1. Basement Exit (which requires a fuse)
  2. Pressure gate (which requires a valve handle)
  3. Front yard exit (usually with a generator)
  4. Backyard exit (usually with a car battery)

You need to escape from all of them atleast once, note that the basement and pressure gate are both timed for something like 30-45 seconds to stay opened, after that they will close and you have to reopen them.

Git back here

  • Win 4 close encounters as family members in total.

Similar to victim, you need to bump into them without attacking them for this to occur, however the stats that affects this family side are vague at the moment, i know for sure that its a guaranteed lose if the victim has a bone scrap in their inventory, so i guess you just spam F and hope for the best.

Can’t keep me out

  • Successfully barge open a total of 10 latched doors.

Very RNG and very specific, you need a victim to latch a latchable door (which are a couple every map) and you need to kick that door down, if you can find a door that can be circled around you might as well latch it yourself and go around to kick it down (i don’t know if it works yet, will update)


  • During a single match stop the generator, fix the fusebox and open the pressure valve.

You better put your best gym pants on cause this will be a rough game, so you basically have to unlock 3 out of 4 exits yourself in the same match, it doesn’t matter which order, maybe try to do the valve then basement then try to sneak to the generator hoping they would be distracted.


  • Use the Ultimate Escape ability at level 3 a total of 5 times.

You can get this only playing as Juile, use her ability 5 times to turn her into a ghost train that can almost escape anything, the catch here that her ability must be level 3, which can be only achieved by playing her for alot of matches and gaining EXP with her so you can level her ability up.

Perking Up

  • Start a match with a fully levelled up ability and three level 3 perks equipped.

You will get here eventually playing your favorite characters, your ability is leveled automatically and the perks you use will gain EXP every match, however using the perks and ability gives you more EXP so make sure you use them (ex: use dismantle to disarm a trap).

The Lucky One?

  • Escape 100 times.

You will get there, eventually.

I’m sitting at 35 hours at this moment and i have 25 kills and 50 escapes, so just keep playing.

Texas Through and Through

  • Reach level 5 with all characters.

Its going to be a grind but if you are aiming to 100% you will have to reach level 50 anyway for another achievement, buy the time you reach it you will have more than enough to level everyone to level 5.

Totally Texas

  • Reach Player Level 50.

Its a bit of a grind but you’ll reach there if you keep playing, im sitting at 35 hours right now and i am level 25, the more the level the more EXP needed to level up.

Get Outta There

  • Drag out 20 victims from inside hiding objects.

This will be probably the hardest achievement in the game along with ”Hung up on you”, there is nothing you can do about it and its all dependent on the victim, just keep searching hiding spots if you suspect that someone in them.

Hung up on you

  • Execute 10 victims in total on gallows as Leatherface.

This will be probably the hardest achievement in the game along with ”Get Outta Here”, cause there is a precise number of conditions for this to work

  1. You need to be playing leatherface
  2. You need to find a victim who is bleeding out on the floor (recovering)
  3. Grab him (don’t execute) and take him to the gallows hook which will be outlined for you, you have 30 seconds to get there or the victim will bleed out
  4. Execute the victim on the hook.

As of right now these gallows hooks are in the kitchen of family house, i don’t know if they exist in other maps, i will update as soon as i know.


  • Using the Pain is Nothing ability purge 4 poison effects.

You can get this only playing as Ana, there is a precise upgrade to her ability (pain is nothing), that lets you purge the poison effects on you when you are poisoned (by Sissy herself or her poisoned pickups) just use it 4 times.



  1. texas thorugh and through (aka reach lvl 5 with every char) can be unlocked with reaching and respecing every char accordingly
    to reach lvl 5 on any you need 19 points spent
    get 19 points
    reach lvl 5 respec
    get next char

  2. yea, thx man. Now i now im not the only one. good guide tho.
    BTW. achievement with waiting 3 minutes when u are final victim and escape. Yes, u have to wait. this is stupid but understandable

  3. Perking up is broken
    I have leather face lvl 3 with 3 perks lvl 3, and 2 survivors. still no achievemtn lmao

  4. Achievement ”Perking Up” dont working?
    got all the perks for level 3 for bubu but the achievement was not given

  5. I know of a hook in the slaughterhouse barn. Like the one that has stairs leading to or from the basement. One of my friends told me about it, I am unsure of the gas station though.

  6. Heads up, there is 5 escapes on the house and the gas station. Both ends of the road attached to the generator exits count as different escapes so you’ll need to escape on both the left and right side of the road.

  7. Thank you for this very complete guide which will help a lot of success hunters !! Achievements to find victims in hideouts and kills on Leatherface’s hook are insane, and very hard to escape 100 times too !!! Love this game

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