The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Basic Guide (Killers, Survivors, Power Sources, Exit Doors)

Guide to Basics


Among the killers in the game, the only person who has the ability to destroy the environment is our main character, Leatherface.

Note: If you approach the breakable object and hold the R key, it will destroy it completely.

They can’t crawl away.

They can’t hİde behİnd the doors.

They can’t hİde behİnd the tables.

The Cook

This man is the cook of the house, so Hitchhiker catches Leatherface cut off and this man cooks.

Helper feature of our killer allows him to attach 3 padlocks.

Note: You can remove it later and attach it to another door.

The main feature of our killer is that he has sharp ears, he goes into listening mode with a right click. Thanks to this feature, you can find survivors by hearing even small movements.

Unlike Leatherface and Hitchhiker, this killer doesn’t destroy or go through tight spaces, but kicks it off (then survivors can open it again).

Finally, there is the sense feature with the default button mouse 3 (mouse wheel) found in all killers, this feature allows you to see buckets of blood and see other killers.


Hitchhiker is the most agile of the killers, he can get through narrow gaps like survivors, but he is weaker than the others, it can be really hard to kill someone.

The feature of this killer is that he can set traps, he starts with 3 traps, after setting them up, he can pick them up and set them up again in a different place.

I seem to hear you say what will happen if I step on the trap, when you step on the trap, you are fixed on the ground and you have to save your foot, of course, this is something that takes time. You better watch where you step or Hitchhiker might do something like this to you.


When the grandfather roars, the killers see the survivors moving, so you have to stand still while the grandfather roars, if you saying ı will act as hell, whatever you say to me! then something like this can happen:

Those who play the killer should collect the blood that accumulates spontaneously over time in the buckets.

Note: You collect a high amount of blood when you kill a survivor.

Feed the grandfather with blood so he can roar louder.

The Survivors

This is how we start in the basement, our goal is to quietly collect items and escape from one of the escape points.

Pay attention to the volume when taking action, if the bar is full, the killers will hear your voice.

Bone Pİles

You can find bone knives from piles of bones, with which you can break bone traps that make noise or you can kill the chickens in the cage so they don’t make a sound when you approach. You can also use it to stun killers but you have to do sneak attack from behind.

Note: The blade breaks when you kill the chicken.

Tool Boxes

You can find a lockpick by searching the tool boxes, with the help of which you can open the locked doors and access the exit points.

You open the locked door with the help of the pick lock, and you get one step closer to the exit door, but it won’t be that easy. As soon as the door is opened, Grandpa wakes up and the killers realize that one of the basement doors has been opened.

İn case you have nowhere to escape you can jump back into the basement from the outside wells (you will take damage).

Hiding Places

You can hide in the closets (I don’t recommend unless it’s very necessary).

  • Leland: He can stun killers with his shoulder.
  • Connie: Gets things done quietly.
  • Ana: Takes less damage.
  • Sonny: He can hear killers footsteps even through walls.

Power Sources

While playing the killer, you should open them at the beginning of the game and check them from time to time afterwards.

Note: Hitchhiker and Cook are in charge. They both start outside or inside the house. Leatherface starts in the basement.

When playing survivor, these need to be closed so that the exit doors are safe to escape.

Exit Doors

There are 2 exit doors that are the easiest and most used, but there are 4 exit doors in total.

One of them is the front door.

The second one is the back door.

The third exit is opened by the fuse box and is located in the basement – Medium.

In order to escape from here, you need to find 1 lockpick and 1 fuse. The fuse can be found hanging on the wall in certain parts of the house, and the fuse box is randomly located in certain places.

Fourth exit gas system outlet – Medium

After finding the gas valve, we need to open the gas system, then the door will open.

Note: When you take the valve, the gas system is visible.

Tips and Tricks


  • Set your traps on generators, gas system and fuse box it will give you high advantage.

The Cook

  • Always give callouts to your teammates when you find one with your skill.
  • Attach padlocks to exit doors only.


  • Charge your saw with right click this will give you movement speed but be careful if the saw overheats the saw will stop and you will not be able to attack again until it cools down (you will take the boost after your chainsaw heat meter goes to %65)


  • Latch the doors and only use the creep spaces.
  • Give callouts and help each other!


    • Company didn’t announce anything about that but i’m sure they will add it because its funnier when you play with your friends

    • Company didn’t announce anything about that but i’m sure they will add it because its funnier when you play with your friends

  1. Connie’s ability doesn’t work without lockpicks, it says it when you try to do it without one.

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