Titan Quest Anniversary Edition – Quick Mastery Guide for Beginners

A masteries summary for newbies who have recently downloaded the game for a brief introduction to the classes in the game.

P.S. If you have been playing the game for a long time, then you will not find anything new for yourself.

Defense Mastery

Take on the role of a warrior with a shield, armed with a mace or sword, who breaks into the crowd, stuns and destroys it, has excellent defense, large HP, healing and the ability to turn into a giant. Eren Yeager approves! A skill that goes well with all other crafts. Pairs best with Earth, Warfare, Rogue and Dreams.

  • Large HP
  • Colossus form
  • Excellent protection

Warfare Mastery

You are a sword master who prefers to fight with two swords, destroying hordes of enemies and bosses with great speed, madness and courage are our forte. Excellent damage, but poor defense, it is possible to call warriors for help. Interesting dynamic gameplay. Pairs well with masteries Defense, Hunting, Earth, and Dreaming.

  • Excellent damage
  • Large HP
  • Ancestral horn

Hunting Mastery

To kill with an accurate shot from a bow or a lunge of a spear, that is the question. Life in the forest taught you how to hunt and track prey and is treated with berries and mushrooms. Excellent penetrating damage, healing and weakening the enemy. The animals are afraid of you. Dynamic gameplay has the ability to be an archer and you can be a warrior with a spear. Pairs well with other masteries, especially Earth, Warfare, Rogue, and Dreams.

  • Excellent piercing damage
  • Healing
  • Debuff enemy

Nature Mastery

You love and honor nature, have found a common language with it. You can heal yourself and your friends with plants, you know the language of animals, and you are friends with elfs. Healing, wolf supports and dryad. Pretty boring and repetitive gameplay. You heal, and your companions destroy enemies.

  • Healing
  • Large HP
  • Many supports

Rogue Mastery

Kill with one hit or poison with poison, that is the question, the most painful hitting class in the game. You are a one-hit killer, but you can also be quickly killed. The bosses is not problem. Poison, stun, ability to throw knives, huge piercing damage, low HP and weak defense. Interesting risk gameplay. Combines well with protection and hunting.

  • Huge Damage
  • Stun
  • Poison Damage

Spirit Mastery

You are a dark lord, you have the ability to communicate with spirits and call them for help. Low hp, lifesteal, weakening and resurrection, the ability to summon a lich. If you play as a mage, then you will have problems in against the undead and greater number of warriors. No elemental damage. No elemental damage. Pairs well with Rogue and Dreams.

  • Vampirism
  • The strongest support
  • Resurrection at later levels

Storm Mastery

As a child, you were electrocuted and now you feel like Zeus, throw lightning at your enemies and fill your weapons with electricity, your best friend is ball lightning. Low HP, good mana, damage and lightning protection. Like any magician, he has problems in close combat against a large number of enemies. An excellent warrior combined with Defense.

  • Magic Resist
  • Cold and Lightning Damage
  • Support Clot Lightning

Earth Mastery

Your ass burns so badly during the game that you have learned to control this process. Flames surround you, your weapons ignite, you throw fireballs, and a earth elemental comes to your aid. Low HP and weak defense, high fire damage. A rather weak magician, but an excellent warrior with fire damage. Pairs well with Defense, Warfare and Hunting.

  • Fire Damage
  • Fire Resist
  • Earth Elemental

Dream Mastery

In a dream, you feel powerful and invincible, get into the minds of enemies and destroy them with the power of thought. Large HP pool, regeneration, huge damage. It goes well with all masteries, enhances and complements them. If you do not know which mastery to choose, then Dreams is for you.

  • Large HP
  • Huge Damage
  • Regeneration HP or Mana

Rune Mastery

The mastery is more suitable for warriors. Buff yourself and your teammates with runes, and attack and defend with stones. Simple and dynamic gameplay, no abilities to heal. It goes well with all masteries.

  • Buffs
  • Large HP
  • Good damage and defense
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