Top Eleven Be Football Manager – How to Test a Fast Trainer

This guide explains you how to test fast trainer.

Guide to Test a Fast Trainer

There are 2 ways to test a fast trainer.

First Method

From the player’s market value (works for level 4-17 only)

  • There’s a spreadsheet that states the value of a world class player.
  • The spreadsheet is divided by sections of age and quality
  • If the auction player’s market value is slightly lower than the number on the spreadsheet it could mean he’s great or excellent. If you’re unsure you can buy and test him using method 2).
  • Don’t train great trainers, it’s not worth it.

Second Method

Follow these steps to test if a player is a fast trainer or not properly once you have him.

  1. Start a new role or special ability training.
  2. Go to the training tab and put “very hard” drills in the 6 slots, I usually put X6 fast counter attacks when testing a player (the 3 very hard drills are fast counter attacks, gym and sprint).
  3. Do multiple trainings (around 5).
  4. Make sure to keep track of the role/special ability points your player gets.
  5. When you’re done with the sessions look at how many role/special ability points he got and use the sheet below to determine what type of trainer your player is.
  6. You should only powertrain excellent and world class trainers.

Note: If a player’s market value is up to 8% less than the one on the sheet, it means he’s an excellent trainer.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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