Top Eleven Be Football Manager – All Skills Column Guide

Guide to All Skill Columns

Goalkeeping Skills Column

Reflexes determines how well a goalkeeper can react to shots, in order to make quick reaction saves.

Agility determines how a goalkeeper is able to start, stop and move in a new direction, while maintaining control, to make successful saves.

Anticipation determines the goalkeeper’s capability to quickly and accurately predict the result of an opponent’s action phase before that action is completed. Higher anticipation makes him to react more quickly.

Rushing out determines how well a goalkeeper can decide whether to run forward to try to claim loose balls, opponents passes close to his penalty area or successfully blocking a 1 on 1 situation.

Communication determines how well a goalkeeper can communicate with defenders and organise the defence. Higher communication means that there will be more stability in your defence and less mistakes made.

Throwing determines how accurately a goalkeeper can throw the ball to his teammates. The distance achieveble from a throw is not affected by this skill, but instead by strength.

Kicking determines how far a goalkeeper can kick the ball. The accuracy of kicks is not affected by kicking, but instead by creativity(which is a grey skill for goalkeepers).

Punching determines how likely a goalkeeper is to choose to punch when dealing with an aerial ball that is potentially catchable.

Aerial reach determines the goalkeeper’s capability to jump and reach in an attempt to save or catch a ball with his hands.

Concentration determines the goalkeeper’s capability not to lose focus when making decisions throughout the match. Higher concentration means fewer mistakes on his part.

Attack Skills Column

Passing determines how good a player can make a precise pass to his teammates, whether it’s short or long, because it can split a defence in two or get your team out of trouble or start a counter attack(creativity).

Dribbling is when a player can control the ball while running with it and manages to get past opponents players who try to tackle him and then create opportunities to score or passing.

Crossing is a short or long accurately pass from a wide area of the field to the opponents goalkeeper area, with the intention of bringing the ball directly into the box from an angle that allows offensive player to score a goal with his head or feet. Playing on the flanks, it’s important that your players posses a high crossing skill to make good crosses.

Shooting determines how accurate a player is able to shoot exactly where he wants, whether inside or outside the area. Many times aren’t successful in scoring, due shooters kick the ball(poor finishing).

Finishing is clear and simple, because finishers score goals from an accurate kick or header. A player with high finishing skill will take advantage of every opportunity to find the net and score compared with one with low finishing.

Defence Skills Column

Tackling is one of the two ways to regain possession of the ball, the other being special ability “interception”. This skill determines how well a player can perform a successful tackle against an opponent by winning the ball without committing foul and often, blocking opponent’s dribbling. Works very well with positioning skill.

Marking determines how well a player is able to mark closely and prevent an opponent from taking control of the ball or makes him a less viable passing option.

Positioning is the key skill in this defence column, not only for defensive players but also for offensive players, because allows:

  • Defensive player to move and position himself, in order to deal with an opponent’s positional attack when he is off the ball: to perform the offside trap, to jump and win an aerial duel at a corner or free kick and clear the ball, to slide and win the ball, to track the player tightly and dispose him of the ball;
  • Offensive player to move and position himself, to either provide a passing option or create space for teammates to exploit when he is off the ball, to position himself correctly where the ball will bounce back from their goalkeeper, to jump and win an aerial duel at a corner or free kick and convert into a goal.

Heading is another good skill not only for defensive players but also for offensive players, because determines how well a player is able to heading the ball towards its target(attacking) or winning an aerial duel and clear the threat from his goalkeeper area(defending).

Bravery determines how willing a player is able to put himself in risky situations that requires courage such as: taking calculated risks with the ball to make a difference, to go into a challenge battling for the ball, to put in a last minute dive into tackles to stop another player, jump to win a duel. A player with lower bravery makes him to underperform compared to those with high bravery which are more reliable in certain situations.

Physical & Mental Skills Column

Fitness determines how well a player can perform in a match. Players with a high fitness skill, tend to always keep playing good to very good, even with a low condition.

Strength determines how well a player can use his force to handle everything, not only to keep away an opponent, to win tackles, aerial balls, but also to move fast, change direction quickly and reducing injury.

Aggression determines how competitive a player is when it’s involved in a physical situation which includes attempting to tackle, marking or competing with an opponent player to get to the ball. A player with higher aggression would benefit from good tackling.

Speed ​​determines how quickly a player can move on the field, usually as a way to quickly reach towards a goal, avoiding or catching an opponent. Without speed, he will waste 1-on-1 opportunities. When a player runs with the ball at his feet, due to the special movement to control the ball, his speed will decrease. Without the ball, the player will move faster.

Creativity it’s a more complex skill, because it doesn’t reflect only in a player dribbling skill that can bypass with easily an opponent, either by finding and making passes between the lines or possessing a good speed or placing the ball where the goalkeepers will not be able to save it. Are all the skills above and more, because creative players observe, seek or take very fast available solutions to make the difference between a winning or losing match.

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