Top Eleven Be Football Manager – Ticket Prices Guide + Tips and Tricks

This is how you should set up your ticket prices.

Guide to Ticket Prices

First thing you do is multiply your level by 2, so if you’re level 10 for example, you’ll have to do:

  • 10 x 2 = 20

This is to get a general idea.

Then you need to find the “golden price.” Start increasing your ticket prices until you find that one price which will gives you full attendance and as much money as possible. When you advance to a higher level, I suggest you to increase them by 2 and once again, experiment. The key on tickets is to experiment.

Remember that there are some factors on the prices. That’s why there aren’t “fixed” prices for every level.

For win bonuses, you should only use them in important/hard matches or finals. Using them in every single match will become expensive and will eat up your cash over time. There isn’t much to it, it gives a very small boost but can make the difference!

Useful Tips and Tricks


Arrows represent mentality, player mentality. Team mentality and player mentality are different. Those red arrows on the DCs will have them stay back logically but as you probably already know, logic doesn’t fit in this game so what it really does is strengthen your defence but not by a longshot, it does help though.

For example, if you didn’t think arrows made a difference, you can put green arrows on your back line and see how that works out. The reason green arrows won’t work with attackers like they used to before 3D is because when they’re on them, they act differently for some reason and perform less well than they would without arrows at all.

General guideline for arrows is the following:

  • DL/DC/DR: Red arrow
  • DMC: Red arrow (optional, depends if you want a DMC that strengthens defence or attack) but no green arrow

The rest are best without arrows at all.


  • You can shoot in the middle sometimes.
  • Also try and throw your goalkeeper on the same side like 3, 4 times.

Youth academy

Players from the academy end up having high gray stat values. They can’t be as effective as well manicured fast trainers. In other words youth academy players are never fast trainers

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