Viking Rise: Valhalla – Mastering Mounts Guide

This comprehensive guide will ensure you conquer the Taming Area and harness the power of Mounts.

How to Conquer the Taming Area

Unlocking the Taming Area:

Seize control of the Sentry Tower at Moonlit Village to gain access to the Taming Area as the fog will be cleared. Clear enemies at Grimms and Kohn villages to pave your way. Follow Chapter missions or unleash your powerful squad independently. Chapter 19 is your gateway to the Taming Area, where challenges await.

Mounts Unleashed:

Mounts are accessible to all players. Build the Beast Pen to embark on this thrilling adventure.

In the Capturing Mounts phase, strategically place traps among 15 spots. Common traps guarantee common mounts, but using higher-level traps introduces chances for rarer mounts.

Trap Tactics and Chances:

Master the trap game with percentages for each type:

  • Common Trap: 100% Common Mounts
  • Uncommon Trap: 30% Uncommon, 70% Common Mounts
  • Rare Trap: 20% Rare, 60% Uncommon, 20% Common Mounts
  • Epic Trap: 20% Epic, 30% Rare, 50% Uncommon Mounts
  • Legendary Trap: 20% Legendary, 30% Epic, 50% Rare Mounts

Mount Workers and Choices:

You can deploy two workers for beast pen. Special workers at beast pen, enhancing trap point recovery.

  • After trapping a mount, choose between taming, recycling, or letting it stand.

Taming Your Mount:

Tame your mounts to level them up and unlock unique features like tails, spines, and visages.

Recycling for Rewards:

Unhappy with your mount? Recycle it for mount EXP to upgrade others. You might even get a chance at rare tail/spine/visage upgrades.

Body Part Changes:

Experiment with body parts (Tail/Spine/Visage), but beware of the success rate. Success swaps parts, while failure results in loss of the body part.

  • Every mount boosts movement speed and offers stat bonuses like gathering efficiency, troop attack and defense, and skill damage.

Leveling Up Your Mount:

Use mount XP obtained through various means to level up your mounts. Capture mounts, transfer useless ones, visit the Prestige shop, participate in events, or grab packages. As body parts can be changed once mounts reach level 10.

Elements and Buffs:

Mounts have different elements, each providing unique buffs.

  • Fire improves archers, porters, troop load, and travel speed.
  • Ice reduces skill damage, improves porters, troop load, and travel speed.
  • Light enhances pikemen, porters, troop load, and travel speed.
  • Darkness improves all troops, porters, troop load, and travel speed.
  • Life boosts infantry, porters, troop load, and travel speed.
  • Destruction enhances skill damage, porters, troop load, and travel speed.

Arm yourself with this updated ultimate guide, fellow Vikings, and conquer the realms with your newfound knowledge of Taming Areas and Mounts! May your journey be legendary.


The complete list of Skill types is: Passive, Counterattack, Cooperative, Command, Internal Affairs.

  • Internal Affairs are the farming efficiency gains – nice and simple.
  • Counterattack – pretty much what the name says it does. They hit you, you get free hit back.
  • Command – usually means damage inflicted after a specific number of rounds or seconds have passed. It’s inconsistently described.
  • Passive – normally 100% chance of happening because you met conditions like you’re shielded or being healed. But not always.
  • Cooperative – this is the “and everything else” bucket where skills go that didn’t neatly fit into the other 4.

Each hero has 2 personal skills one active and one from the list above. Then you get to add 2 more which can be from any of the types listed above.

How to Max Mounts

  • Step 1: Get a high paying job or take out a mortgage on your house.
  • Step 2: With that money spend it all on mount packs.
  • Step 3: Now that you got maxed mounts challenge another t7 to a duel.
  • Step 4: Lose the duel because your hero’s and skills suck.
  • Step 5: Claim the game took all your money and scammed you than quit.
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