Total War: Empire – Definitive Edition – Perfect Start Guide to the Great Britain Campaign

This is a guide the perfect start to The Great Britain campaign.

Great Britain Campaign Starter Guide

  1. Upon starting a new game you should begin by taking a look at each of your current town’s statistics (double left click on town) and examine the happiness of your town and if it’s 5 or lower… Exempt the town of tax for 4 turn’s (click the exempt from tax box).
  2. The next step should be negotiating trade agreements with all the countries you currently have available trade routes for, when negotiating… You can try to just propose trade and if they decline send another proposal and offer your choice between 500-1000 coin.
  3. Forming alliances are essential for your nation’s security… But tread carefully because the more allies you have the more chance you have of being dragged into a war you are not prepared for, sweden are one of the best nation’s to form alliances with due to them being strong but at the same time being a modest nation whom are not very prone to start war.
  4. Next you will want to start research of technology, the key to having a nation that cannot be destroyed is having ton’s of coin, to do this start by researching agricultural technologies for about 25 turn’s … As they will give you access to bigger and better farming building’s, next put time into researching technologies in the textile industry category as these will allow your to build bigger and better craft workshop’s.
  5. Disband most of your troops as they are not needed in your homeland just yet, be sure to keep all ship’s as they are the key to stopping an invasion in it’s track’s before it get’s to your shores, keep only one general and one unit of troop’s in each town.
  6. Be sure to train a general in each of your town’s as they are essential for keeping up happiness and make the enemy think twice before attacking you (especially if it’s a very strong general).

These are all of the step’s to the perfect campaign start… You should take on your first turn, most of the knowledge in this guide can be transferred to other faction’s.

I sincerely hope you found this guide helpful, take care.

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