System Shock – Starter Tips

Be aware that any tip is a kind of a spoiler. You may just want to find out your way.

Tips for Newbies

  1. Save often and use more save slots. At least until you enable the standard station restoration process (respawn chamber) on the actual level. Which may be sooner or later in the level, or you might not find it at all. And save even after you enable the restoration from time to time: restoration is not a checkpoint.
  2. Check your map. Check for any unvisited place, go there and (re)visit every corner until the map is fulfilled.
  3. Try to listen to the audio logs and read the few text notes found. Revisit them if unsure. In the original game, there weren’t that many of them (comparing to some newer games). Note the mentioned codes, directions, locations or instructions.
  4. If there is too rough oponent or you run out of ammo, try another approach – a gun or explosive you didn’t use much, some stimulant etc.
  5. Take your time and enjoy the elevator music.

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