Treasure of Nadia – All Torch Locations Guide

Here you can find all torch locations in the Treasure of Nadia game.

All Locations of Torches

These are the torches available to light (buy the lighter from Squalmart) and their locations in order of accessibility.

Torch 1:

Torch 2:

Torch 3 & 4:

Torch 5:

Torch 6:

Torch 7:

Torch 8:

Torch 9:

Torch 10:

Torch 11:

Torch 12:

Torch 13:

Torch 14:

Torch 15:

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  1. i am lterally in the back yard to plant the fuckimg gingsen and it says to fucking eat it…..this is one fucked up game !

  2. this vame needs forgiving syncro so game can restart….my time , i feel has been wasted here and i value my time seriously .I request words with it’s creator be prepared though i fear i have little encouraging to say.

  3. Priicia will not give the leather gloves i have given her ginseng twice , now when i try to plant it says eat….ntr is not meant for game play….i had a game guide and ended upside down…out of sequence play negates entire game after i spend time and effort gets me quite upset .

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